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Re: Paranormal Polka: these boots were made for haunting.
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Bachelor's Grove 12 : The Well Of Souls

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the forest Preserve District finally made a concerted effort remove and defoliate some of the overgrowth and remove the cumulative litter from the past few years of neglect, vandalism, disrespect and ritualistic desecration that has taken place there  Gone were the three massive, toppled tree trunks that effortlessly flattened the cemetery fence line at almost intentionally seeming triangulated points in that rectangular plot of land thus further insinuating the reclamation efforts of the surrounding woods…
To the west of the cemetery the old road is intermittently visible past the creek and long since removed bridge, in some places it appeared as if it were recently paved in others it is virtually indistinguishable from the forest floor save for the elevated grade in contrast …
I relocated the first well I discovered last year and two others in addition to what appeared to be the foundation of the house that the website stated was the focus of recent excavation project that further instigated speculation and controversy as to whom the land was owned before the inception of village or township records intro public archives …
The excavation sites served to further accentuate the already surreal and somewhat sinister feel that the dark brooding woods permeated the farther west of the well traversed paths that I ventured leading away from the cemetery … some of the artifacts in the way of broken plates were left at the foundation and displayed prominently on a concrete slab (photo below)…personally I find this area of the woods far more foreboding than the famous cemetery itself…

   The following is the remains of a house located west of the cemetery. It is less than a five minute walk and a detailed map on how to get there will be made in the future. What you are seeing on the right is water well. The picture below is the remains to the foundation of the house. As you can see, it is very hard to make out where the actual foundation is located.    Although there are now a few maps known which indicate the ownership of the land around Bachelors’ Grove cemetery, the first map brought to our attention which gives us an idea as to who may have owned the house was sent in by Sharon Coyle of Oak Forest, Illinois. It was created by Hyacinth Wrehsnig and obtained from the periodical 1892-1992: The History of Oak Forest, Illinois (which you can view here). Given that the property the house is located on was owned my various persons it is not clear as to who actually built it. So far only two people has been found being Edward M. Everden and Frederick Schmidt. Under closer observation of the map by Brad L. Bettenhausen of the Tinley Park Historical Society, it is now known that James Fullerton was not the actual person owning the house as stated in the past. Please be safe when visiting the area and treat it with respect.
   For the only document on paper found so far verifying that two homes were in fact built within the five minute walk West of Bachelors’ Grove cemetery click here:

If you happen to have a GPS receiver here are the coordinates:
provided by Rob Johnson of Chicago
-41º  37 Minutes  51 Seconds North
- 87º  46 Minutes  6 Seconds West
   At the time these photos were taken the well was about 2-3 feet deep. Some people that were out there decided there was a possibility that it had a hollow spot to it under the rocks and dirt and that meant it could pose as a danger for people visiting there. They were into cave and rock climbing and had the right equipment to climb into the hole and still be safe, so they went ahead and tried to prove whether or not it was true. As it turned out there was no hollow spot found after five hours of digging. But be thankful that someone out there was looking into this.

Here are the unedited (compressed) photos from today’s visit to Bachelor’s Grove 5-15-09 (106 total)....b
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Re: Paranormal Polka: these boots were made for haunting.
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Nice pics =)


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Re: Paranormal Polka: these boots were made for haunting.
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Love the pictures!

Keep them coming.
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