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secret meeting of the hounds
« on: January 18, 2011, 07:48:07 PM »
hello there i was hoping some of you could help me decipher what one of my dreams meant because it seems to have me all sorts of confused.

a few nights ago after working with a incorporeal familiar of mine who takes the form of a dog i asked it to communiccate with me in dream if it had anything it needed to tell me.
so my dream went as follows my all black new dog took me outside during a dark starlit night into my backyard and told me to hide because she had something to attend to (or something alont those lines). So i had climbed a large standing propane lamp and kept myself on the top doing a handstand so that i could look down. and as i look downward i see my dog conversing with over 50 other dogs of various breeds and as she socialized and made her way around the yard three large wolfish look coyotes over 6feet long and 4ft tall  come from different corners of my yard. Each coyote in turn runs around causing general mischief when they converged upon my dog and seemed to have a conversation which i couldnt hear then the coyotes seemed to have reached a agreement with her and left. I then came down from the lamp and she ran toward me saying something that came out absolutely silent.
the wind that chills the night, the fire's golden light
the oceans call to you, the earthen fated tune,
I am the ivy binding tight i hold the spells all through the night, i am
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