Author Topic: The possesed doll, and a feild of bodies.  (Read 409 times)


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The possesed doll, and a feild of bodies.
« on: December 01, 2011, 12:33:10 AM »
These two dreams are just weird. The first one was about this little girl I know finds a wooden doll of a little girl, and it was possesed, the dream didn't last that long, but for some reason I just knew the doll was possesed, the dream was based in my yard and on the street that runs by my house, the little girl and her mother were walking down the street when I saw them and the doll, and I kept telling the little girl and her mother to burn the doll because it was evil as they were walking by me, and they told me that I was crazy and walked away, later the mother came back with the doll telling me that her little girl was gone, then I woke up briefly to think about that dream, and then I quickly fell back to sleep. The second dream was in this small little community and a large feilded area, during the day everything was normal the people acted a little weird, then the night came, and the people changed, they were babbling about the end of days and all that religious stuff, then later on that night in the dream, there were these two women they were mourning and walking through the feilds outside of the town and I was following them, and the feilds were full of dead bodies.
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