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Body positions and dreaming.
« on: September 19, 2009, 02:45:00 AM »
I wanted to use  this space to write out some ideas that i have about dreaming, awareness, and other topics that touch these two themes.  These articles are as much for me as anyone else.

The position you fall asleep in is affecting the content and structure of your dreams.

When we fall asleep our perception drifts in the dark sea of awareness. These drifts we call dreams.

It is possible to see these drifts almost like a navigational chart or a log. (From an outsiders viewpoint that is.) They can be read understood and  it is possible to determine where a persons awareness has travelled to according to the maps we have of that dark sea out there.

While it is obvious that our mental fixations daily life occurrences, spiritual and psychical dispositions affect these drifts, we must consider the complete matrix of being at our disposal and address the physical position of our bodies as we fall asleep as important influences to how we sail the dark sea on the other side of waking.

Consider the following for a moment.

Yogic bandhas, breathwork, and body position change our conciousness and qualities of awareness. We adopt specific shapes and stretches in order to affect our awarenesses and these seem to have predetermined effects. They are to a certain extent repeatable and provable.

In chi kung specific body positions change energy flows within us to enhance or inhibit the circulations of life force through our being.

Actors will adopt universally known body positions to convey moods and emotional states. Think of the body position of a person bereft by grief or someone depressed as compared with  joy or arched back ectstacy of orgasm.

If you start looking at the body positions of each psychodynamic state then you can start to see the pattern of body position affecting the qualities of awareness.

So what are the body positions that manipulate our dreaming awarness.

Well I have come across a few

Foetal position allows full entrance into dreamt double (but I find it difficult to fall asleep like this)

Tip of toungue on roof of the mouth enhances dream awareness

Twin positions  ( ah the secret of secrets !)

Propped up elevated allows for more shallow dreaming drifts this is useful for developing lucidity

Feet hanging over the edge of a bed alieviates tiredness

Tossing and turning temporarily changes dream environment actually embeds us within a dreaming mood

Suspended in a hammock free of contact from the floor splits me into two separate functioning units of awareness (really very very freaky on waking up)

Andrea Warfare

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Re: Body positions and dreaming.
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We are all unique.You my dear are uniquely non-unique.