Author Topic: first confrontation from a demon in my dreams.  (Read 913 times)


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first confrontation from a demon in my dreams.
« on: April 27, 2010, 03:57:57 AM »
This dream started off like any normal dream...

I was waiting in the parking lot waiting for my mother to come back so we'd drive back home. but i had gotten the feeling that someone was watching infact there were several human looking creature moving towards the truck, well little did my mother know they had come for me they tried pulling me out of the truck through the window but failed as i sped off as quick as possible my mother was in shock an scared but we made it out ok. we began driving down the same road we always take to get home when all of a sudden the sky grew dark an the scenery began to change...i stopped the truck got out an told her to drive back the way she came an go home i was in a nitemare an i needed to continue on my own so she did not get dragged into whatever this demon had brought me here for.

I began walking further down an the buildings an road reminded me of what old london resembled cobble stone roads old brick buildings an all that..old street lamps lit the dark alley i had began to walk down nothing could be heard simply silence...i saw a person sitting on the ground to my right he held out his hand as if asking for spare change so i dug into my pocket for change he then grabbed my right arm an began to demand that i give to him what was rightfully his. i tell him that i have nothing that belongs to him an that he should let go an i'll give him whatever change i have in my pockets. he refused an repeated the same thing "give me back whats mine" his grip on my arm grew tighter as he began to stand up i gave him a warning an told him if he didn't let go of my arm that i would have no other choice but to harm him in defense. he avoided what i had said an grabbed my arm with both of his, i pulled my arm away as hard as i could an back handed the left side of his face with my fist my tattoo reacted as soon as it hit his skin an the tattoos ink glowed a fiery red as it just blew the whole left side of his face off...

Skin just fell to the ground in chunks i was in shock as to what just happened he looked down an began to laugh low at first but the laughter quickly grew to a maniacal laugh. i didnt stand around too long soon after i did that i began to run away i could still hear him laughing an repeating the same words as before except he said that the plague that was to be unleashed upon these people would be my fault an i would have to pay.

i ran till i couldnt hear him any longer an to catch my breath i knew i was in a nitemare an began to look for a way out began to hear scuffling of dragging feet an immediately knew that sound...zombies....i began to panic an saw him standing in the middle of the horde pointing at me telling them to get me an bring me back to him i kept running looking for a way out when i saw some wood planks i bum rushed them an broke through i began to run through someones back yard hoping id find a main road in which to ask for help an realized where there should have been a street there was nothing but endless space...i was in his world he there was no escape for me..

i turned back to face the broken wall an heard foot steps two young women ran through the hole in the wall terrified not knowing where they both where i told them to calm down that they were in a nitemare that i'd try an help them the best i could to get them out of this place they relaxed as best they could an when we heard more footsteps they both freaked out an began screaming a young man came through waving a pistol in the air yelling all kinds of obscenities at me  demanding that i tell him where the hell he was pointing the gun at my face. i told him exactly where we were but he didn't listen kept cursing an waving his gun around in the air.

soon enough the homeless man i saw before came through the hole in the wall i knew he wasnt human from the begining an was a the young man pointed the gun at him cause he startled him an began to shoot at the demon well the demon didn't take too kindly to being shot at grabbed the man by his neck pinned him against the wall an tore his spinal cord through his abdomen before throwing his lifeless body towards the two young women. he then looked at me grabbed me by the neck an pinned me against the wall with the sickest grin on his face. repeated the same words as before "give me back whats mine and i'll let you go without issue is that understood" of course i was a smart ass an replied with "well with that attitude even if i had something that belonged to you i doubt i would give it to you now" he laughed at me an simply said "fine just know i'm going to enjoy every moment of this i asked nicely now we're going to have some fun" his skin was pale white i could see blue viens under the skin an the chunk that was missing from the left side of his face. he then pulled the hood of his coat over his head and on the hood there were priceless gems all in the shape of eyes an glowed amazingly on their own without any light they began to shake an move one by one then all at once they opened an i was paralyzed against the wall i was able to yell out towards the two young girls to run as he was distracted with me they ran away. an all he said was "their efforts are futile you realize that right? i created this world an their souls are stuck within it an no ones getting out of here until i'm done" i could feel something in my abdomen being forced out of me it hurt quite severely as i felt it being pulled out i could see a feint red glow coming from my abdomen as i saw them gem finally pulled out of my abdomen it grew aflame as soon as it was free an out in the open it reacted to my tattoo which gave off some kind of electrical charge shattering all the eye shaped gems releasing me from their grasp an the red fiery gem shot back inside my abdomen he grew angered an threw me against the wall he had thrown the young man against. i stood up an stumbled back almost tripping over the corpse.
i looked down at the gun in the mans hand an the demon made a comment "if that didn't work for him what makes you think it will work for you?" i looked at him smiled an said as i picked up the gun "its not for you it's for me" as i pointed it to my skull an pulled the trigger my body fell to the ground lifeless yet i stood in the same place. he couldnt see me but there i stood. angered he began to tear away at my body looking for the gem but it was nowhere in my corpse.

i felt a warmth unlike anything ive ever felt before i look to my left an see this golden stair case leading straight into the sky i could see the sun clouds an warm sky  as i walked up these golden stairs i looked back down an saw his world was collapsing around him but kept walking up i reached a halfway point where it leveled off an saw a large gate guarded by two women in armor which reminded me of had spoken up an sounded pretty harsh an said "you may not pass any further then you already have trespasser" the other walked up to me held my hands in hers looked into my eyes an said with the softest most soothing tone in a womans voice i have ever heard an simply said " it is not your time an i will personally come down an collect you myself when that time comes" her smile made me feel at peace an before i knew it i began to descend from wherever that was back to down to earth i could see the sun was rising i could see buildings an jus country side an everything...i began to fall further down an then the thought struck me "oh crap this is gonna suck" i could see the buildings around my house an see the roof of my house before i knew it is i fell through the roof an straight back into my body. which at that point i jolted out of my dream an was wide awake....