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i dont know if im the only one but i know my blood.....helps people. it tends to help them heal alot faster than they would normaly

i was just wondering if anyone else can do it

Well, that's an early onset symptom of vampirism. Unless your intention was to turn people into vampires, then it isn't a particularly advisable activity.

that wasnt my intention, in fact i didnt know about it, i just noticed that it helped. i know i heal very very fast. and is it bad to lick
the wound??

Monstrous does not support the actual consumption of other people's blood.

Sounds more like "True Blood" Cliche might infect them with something else rather than super awesome vampire powers 0_0...

I think of Vampiric Blood more of as a poison rather than what you stated... more of like a snakes venom. if it got bit by a Vamp and it aint dead yet.. it didnt get bit by a vamp. :)


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