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for my entire life, i have always seen things, no matter what house i lived in; but the house i'm living in now has so much more activity, every night i always see shadow people walking around. some of them tell me who they are, others don't even know i can see them. the problem is, no matter what i do, they keep coming back. i have tried countless methods of banishing (because most are not nice). does anyone have any suggestions on how to permanently get rid of them?

Best thing is to leave them alone, because most are harmless -- that said, place twelve thumbtacks around the door frame and put a various assortment of 12 items around the house, both interior and exterior. Should keep them out and/or gone.

I experience sleep paralysis frequently, but there have been a few occasions where I see shadows that are darker than the rest of the shadows cast on my walls; These shadows move and contort but have never really come too close.


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