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Tree People



When I was 15 years old I was sitting in my yard and looked up at my neighbors big tree and I swear I saw shadows, somewhat human looking climbing around the tree and heard angry hissing noises and and angry sounding noises like an angry whispering. I freaked out and went inside. The next day they chopped the same tree down. (I had not known they were going to chop it down at all before they did it) I've always wondered if they were some kind of nature spirits that were angry cause they knew their tree was going to be chopped down...idk just seemed like a strange coincidence...but I was raised not to believe in coincidences. So I honestly don't know what to think about it. I have always been very close to nature. Just something strange that happened I thought I would share....I know it sounds nuts but it happened. I will never forget it.
I also want to add that they were human looking but not quite human they were very thin and quick. And about the size of a 5 foot human


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