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Earth-like planets within 30 light-years


In an announcement with massive consequences for the human race, astronomers say there are "probably about one hundred" planets within just 30 light-years of our solar system which could support life along Earthly lines. By their calculations, there are tens of billions of such worlds in our galaxy, suggesting that even if life is very rare it is bound to have arisen elsewhere...

According to a statement issued by the European Southern Observatory announcing the research:

--- Quote ---As there are many red dwarf stars close to the Sun the new estimate means that there are probably about one hundred super-Earth planets in the habitable zones around stars in the neighbourhood of the Sun at distances less than about 30 light-years [ten parsecs].

The implications are immense, as these hundred worlds are so close that it is possible to imagine ways of sending spacecraft to them - though such journeys would take many decades or even centuries under current assumptions. The prospect of interstellar colonisation - a staple of science fiction - has become hugely more likely.
--- End quote ---


Oh, yay, more planets to exploit and ruin weeee  :evil:

It would be really interesting to a actually find out if such another life form would be possible to exist with such distance to the sun.

It has been said, though some of them might be mere fabrications that we are at the perfect distance from the sun as anything near would have caused too much exposure on our side and anything further would deal colder moments that would be tough to keep up with.


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