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The start of a zombie epidemic?!?!


not sure if this would go here or in the zombie section, but wth?!?!

i first heard this story from one of the casino girls i work with and couldn't believe how much the florida case sounded like the intro to a bad zombie movie.  Man walking down the road, sees the helpless homeless man, pounces, eats him....fortunately the homeless guy didn't go zombie, but now a case in maryland?

She was cool going into about how it seemed he was possessed growling and snarling as he's eating the mans face, and mentioned they're attributing it to bath salts.  An icky sort of designer drug, it's obviously no ecstacy. We discussed how drugs can alter your mind letting all sorts of nasty things in.  In the sixties it was pcp making people go into homicidal rages of great strength, maybe the zombie movies aren't to far away of what can happen when a world goes to designer drugs that no one knows what can happen instead of following the basic tenents of nature and all she has to offer.

is it possible some of these weirder drugs are being cut with something allowing our more primitive, animalistic natures free.  Metaphorically releasing the id to overpower the egos resulting in more of these stories, damn battery acids!

it does help with the legalization of marijuanna however, you never hear of a pothead eating another person, i did hear of a case where a guy walked into a cop shop and threw his bong at an officer and left,'s easier to eat a bag of potatoe chips in that state of mind and commune with the earth than consume another human.

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