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Venus Transit Eclipse- June 4-6, 2012



In the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom via esoteric spiritual philosophy, it is said that VENUS has already achieved *SACRED STATUS* i.e. she has taken a key step in her own Ascension process toward Higher Consciousness. She has taken Initiation and increased her Light Quotient sufficiently to shed her 'personality self'" - the same goal that we humans seek.
There are four planets in our solar system that have not achieved Sacred Status: EARTH (polarity) MARS (aggression) PLUTO (death) and THE MOON (glamorous emotion). (Note: the Moon is not a planet but is considered so for these purposes.) It is said that Earth is next in taking Initiation into Sacred Status. Venus, our sister planet, leads the way, giving even more loaded meaning to the celestial phenomenon of her walk across the Sun.

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Here's a joke from that time:

[Q] Why did Venus cross the sun?
[A] To get a speed boost shot of NOVA-cane!!!  :laugh:


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