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So Ive always had dreams about Satan, he usually shows himself as my father. As in he calls himself that to me. When I seen him before, I was never scared of him. His eyes were always loving, even though scary. Then when I got into witchcraft, he changed. He no longer came to my dreams being kind to me, instead he was always very hateful and always trying to trick me. Here lately, I'm having dreams of the angels and demons warring. I'm always in the middle, unable to choose sides, yet always looking at it from a demonic point of view. Its more like I will not choose sides.
Tell me what you think of these dreams: Im walking to the park beside my road, when i get there I see these cults sacrificing animals and drinking their blood. It makes me made, because as a witch and using this park as my coven stead. Im upset to see other people violating it with acts I wont commit. I turn away from the scene, and a boy runs up to me. He is like "Why are you not participating?" I reply, "Because I do not have to." Hes like, "But you glow how do you glow without the gift of sacrifice?" I tell him then, "Come with me and I will show you." I take him away from the park, the action is a blur (N yes I know its nothing sexual) (The boy is my age). When I bring him back to the enterance, he walks the other way glowing and says "Thanks I dont need that no more."
I walk back into the park and see a girl, she brings me blood to drink but again I will not. I draw a symbol on her forehead and say, "When you give that up find me." I am then standing in my front yard, and I see a snake crawl up. It wraps itself around my leg, and bits into me. I see my power draining, while the girl from before gets stronger. I try all kinds of methods to get it off, all kinds of spells and gods. Finally I see myself standing on the black top, im talking to someone who is not there. "Satan if you are truly my father you will help me without expecting something in return. He says, "I will help you but I want something. That can be choose by you, and when you are ready." I say "Ok." So he tells me "go to the lake, I can only touch you now through water." So I go to the lake and step in. I see the snake turn to dust. A vision of the girl comes to me and I see her being dragged to hell. Then while Im still in the water this demon, who is a beautiful as an angel come out of the water to me. "Father said you needed help." He says. I reply, "Yes but it does not mean I am returning." He frown, "But why not we miss you I miss you." Im like, "A frown never did look good on you. Yet now I know why Im attracted to blue eyed blonde haired boys on earth." (The demon is blonde, with blue eyes) He smirks, "It is also why none of them can have you." I shrug. So he goes on, "I seen you have been frolicking with your betrothed. Remember, he did not choose you and you did not choose him you choose me." I step away from him, because I actually do care about him. "Im not returning, I have my place." He reaches out for me and says, "father also knows you are being kindred with the pagan gods, we can only hope in time with will come back to us." He turns and walks back into the water. I step out to where the lake only covers my feet and I say "To mark the day that my father helped me, and to remind me he will always be there. This lake will look like blood one night every year."

Those dreams are actually pretty common for people teetering between two faiths, I'm impressed there's a distinct separation between the traditional ideas of satanic theism, polytheism and witchcraft, most people muddle them so awfully these days.

there's really not much advice to be given, you seem to have a pretty good grasp on what you want to pursue with your spirituality and when it all comes down to it, it depends on what sort of person you want to be, what you want in your life and how you want to get it. The dream characters may have a point in the fact you don't necessarily choose who or what comes to you, but being human YOU get to choose who and what influences you and your life.

The joys of freewill.  :)

Interesting part about me is i believe our souls all come from somewhere. What if this is a clue to mine?


--- Quote from: Nyxchild3 on November 29, 2012, 10:42:10 AM ---Interesting part about me is i believe our souls all come from somewhere. What if this is a clue to mine?

--- End quote ---

depends where you think souls come from, personally i think they're all part of a universal energy, however being contained in intelligent flesh sets us apart from other aspects of nature or supernature that also contain this energy. I don't think souls are formed in a heaven or hell, simply for the fact that heaven and hell weren't around until the Romans got involved with world religion and humanity has believed in a human afterlife before world religions ruled.

Despite what most people like to think, the version of demons and angels many people believe in today do come from dualistic religions, most being derived from Sumerian and Judaic spirits, fleshed out by early century priests translating the spirits of other religions they came across to suit their dogma, sort of like Christmas and Easter. 

A human soul will always be human in or out of the flesh, in my opinion and why i firmly believe nothing inhuman can ever control, contain or own it...unless we let them.  If we give them the power, we can take it away. 

Okay, That's just weird beyond belief.
I have been experiencing similar dreams recently.


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