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Received the following photo and message from my good friend Piotr Cielebiaś, NPN - Concerning the photograph - On the left side of the Basilic's Cuppola there is a bright object (left upper corner), orange in color. What do you think about it.

I have just received it. It was taken in June 24, 2006 in Rome by a Polish tourist and submitted recently.

Robert Morningstar, associate editor of enlarged and enhancement the photograph sent by Piotr. Robert states that "the attached enlargements indicate to me a solid object above Rome."

"The color of the object is consistant with UFO colors as the UFO craft transition in energy from red to amber as they undergo power shifts. Rome, unlike New York and other brightly illuminated cities, has little light that could be reflected so brightly from such an apparently high flying object. The equalized enlargement (the lower one) shows the body of the craft as a black silhouette", he added.

All of us agree that this is a pretty good picture and considering its subject matter, we decided to add it as the final page of Chris Barbato's "The Omega Secret".

As Robert Morningstar states: "It is most appropriate!"

by Piotr Cielebiaś, Robert Morningstar and Dirk Vander Ploeg

Very interesting, Nina.  Thanks for sharing them with us.

Ive got more of that, I just didnt have the time to put it all here, obviously, there is all this hush up down in Vatican, they even got secret services for this kind of stuff... which must make you wonder, doesnt it?

The last conspiracy that took me by surprise was when I learned that the governments were conspiring to poison us all slowly using our own food intake to do it. It's ingenious really; most people will eat anything they see other people eating, so you only need a small percentage at first to get the ball rolling. Anyway, it's good that an expert has concluded that this shot is legitimately of a UFO. Though this one is probably us, and not any ETs. I really cannot see why they'd be interested in the Vatican. Though I can probably come up with a lot of reasons why the governemts of the world would be so inclined.

Hm, I know many reasons why they would be hovering above the Vatican. If you take the fact that we have "watchers" above us from thousands of years, it would be normal that they want to scan the place where many truths have been hushed up, cause the catacombs of Vatican hold many secrets that would sure change the order of the World if they would be let out. Maybe they wanna know why they wont let us know. Cause, I know that the ones that contacted me are the race that holds the truth very high in their conception of everything....


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