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--- Quote from: onishadowolf on May 31, 2009, 12:49:01 AM ---Actually contrary to the area reputation, there is no swamp in a twenty mile radius. It had a distinct shape to it, like a spear or javelin shape to it.

--- End quote ---

  I know, thats the reason for the jester head.

Sorry my phone doesn't pick up all the smiley's. I put a new web browser on it that makes it almost like browsing on a computer.

Of course, because according to the government, swamp gas, weather balloons, blimps, airplanes and planets are all the real ufos. :roll:
And i'm the king of england

Andrea Warfare:
I was at a park downtown by the water playing with my mom and sister rolling down these green hills having a great time then after rolling around and having fun for some time we stopped and lay on the grassy hill and looked at the stars. I saw one very bright light that started moving a little side to side in the sky,it resembled that of a star,an then it started making 90 degree triagonal patterns very rapidly then zoomed off and I never saw anything quite like that again...has anyone else experienced something like this?

A few years back, I was in the parking lot of some drug store, and I saw some red light in the sky, just sitting there. It stayed there for a few minutes, then 2 other red lights came from under it and fley in opposite directions at a pretty good speed. Still haven't figured out what it was.


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