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UK Monstrous users meet and greet?


Bane Bloodfang:
Any Monstrous users up for a meet up in London/near London. Head to pub, grab a pint, steak, chillax and talk all things Monstrous? :3

Could be a good way to get to know fellow members and might bring some life back to this seemingly quiet forum. If ya game, just shout on this thread or via pm if you prefer hopefully we can arrange something by Halloween ^-^

I'm sure you are big enough and smart enough to know already, but I will go on record here advising you - and anyone else considering this - to use common sense if arranging to meet up.

1.Unless you already know the person offline, assume the person you are dealing with on the internet is not who they claim to be and conduct yourself accordingly.
2.Never arrange to meet someone alone. Meet them in a very public and neutral place, ideally bring along a friend and make sure someone at home knows exactly who, where and when you will be meeting.
3.Do not agree to last minute changes of venue, and never go to another venue afterwards unless you inform someone back home. Basically, don't deviate from your plans without clearing it with them first.
4.Be very careful what information you share about the plans and yourself on the forum - this is an OPEN, PUBLIC forum: anyone can read it, and anyone can therefore turn up at the rendezvous claiming to be someone they are not.

Additionally, consider sending a PM with the details of the rendezvous - date, time, who is planning to attend - to someone here: probably Nina and/or Jordyn, as they are both non-UK based and, despite their strange beliefs, pretty responsible folk.


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