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kali and tantra


rave phillaphia:

I am having a hard time trying to find out how to worship Kali. I don't mean that new tantric movement that involves orgies blah bla. I mean the traditional way to worship Kali on a regular bases in a tantra or shakta group. Any recommendations?

Get to know her, she's amazing for girl power!


she's not an easy goddess to understand or accept, but if you need a kick in the pants it would seem she's the one to get it done.

I like the dramatics of this description...


I find it all a fascinating culture, but the freeing myself from the bonds of material flesh isn't what i need to do right now, there's bigger issues in my life than a comfortable spirituality.

rave phillaphia:
Thank you :)  I found a book called tantra unveiled by Panjit Rajmani Tigunait its very informative for tantra breakdown.

i think a lot of the middle eastern peaceful religions can teach anybody and everybody, of any faith how to live a more harmonious life, the movie asoka touches on a lot of their faith, if you don't mind bollywood.  :D


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