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So, this is a new series on History 2 with Simcha Jacobovici, and it was interesting watching him trace the new testament story of the boat trip jesus and his disciples took(one of my favorites how he chastises them for not having faith.)to visit the galaeans. They traced it to actually a southern part of spain, which was apparantly a popular sea journey in those times.

I enjoy it because it shows where the bible does often times touch on actual situations, however the timeline and early interpretation skews it, I like the "it happened, just not when or where they said it did." In this case it was probably a small, early christian outpost.

It's cool Simcha went to the original greek documents to clarify some of the interpretations.

Sort offers credence that Jesus did do a lot more travelling than general acceptance would suggest.

Wonder what else the bible got wrong? 


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