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I have often thought and wondered to myself, but what are yalls' opinions on the species: Elf?

To me, it seems, you're saying that elves have a relation to our dreams? It's a lovely theory, it could very well be, on the other hand they seem very kind and gentle to me. :)

I love the Fay creatures! They were always my personal favorites. Though they are always depicted differently in all the books I've read about them in. Did you know that elves are a type of fairy!? I know right! That's just the coolest thing ever!

For me it's the elf types in the "Shoemaker and the Elves", I can understand why some would grow to dislike humanity. 

I know a bit about Elves.
I know the "small dainty winged" elf is a Christian creation and they were human sized, beautiful, strong, smart beings skilled in magick, and warfare.
Beings like the Tuatha De Danann of Ireland. There is a lot of interesting history behind Elves when you get past the corny cliche crap you are likely to find with new age rubbish


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