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Case of spontaneous human combustion?


Seen on 5 KSDK:

--- Quote ---"Oklahoma authorities investigating a mysterious death have come up with a rare theory. They are looking into whether or not a 65-year-old man died from spontaneously bursting into flames. "This is a case that I've never seen before," said Sheriff Ron Lockhart.

Family members found 65-year-old Danny Vanzandt dead Monday inside his home on Bawkin Road outside Muldrow. "The body was burned and it was incinerated," said Sheriff Lockhart. He said in a telephone interview he believes the death could be a rare case of spontaneous human combustion. He says the fire didn't damage the house and there were no signs of struggle. "If you read about spontaneous human combustion that's what we have here," said Sheriff Lockhart.
--- End quote ---

The news also reported that the victim was an alcoholic and a smoker. So although it would be wrong at this stage to say SHC definitely did not take place, there is a link here to Brian J. Ford's theory that ketosis caused by alcoholism produces acetone, which is highly flammable and could lead to apparently spontaneous combustion.

Ford's paper, Solving the Mystery of Spontaneous Human Combustion, can be read online.

:-o Oh my gosh! I just saw this on the news last night. An 11 year old cancer survivor caught on fire in her hospital bed on Feb 2nd (Groundhog DAy) The girl's father says it may have been caused by a combination of sanitizer alcohol and static electricity! :? Here's the link to the story:


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