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Devious Viper:
Please remember that we have members from the US, W Europe, E Europe, the Balkans, Asia and Australasia! TV scheduling varies widely (Supernatural, for example, is only now approaching the end of season 1 here in England) so using spoiler tags in some posts is sometimes desirable.

Quest has provided the following information (cheers, mate!) about how to insert spoiler tags in your posts:

A way of hiding spoilers:

[quote ][ color=#4D4D4D]Place text here. [/color ][/quote ] Highlight the text to read the spoiler

Just don't place the spaces in with the quote  and color and it's brackets

It looks like this

--- Quote ---The spoiler is in here.
--- End quote ---
Highlight the text to read the spoiler.

The text blends in with the background color of the quote box. 

~ Viper ~

Phantom X:
Thank You Viper

Satan's Child:
Thast very clever when I saw it in the Dr Who topic I thought "Ha, class."


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