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M Sidhe:
This is the official story topic for Faeries and other related beings. If you have had an experience or a friend had an experience who is not a member then post it here. I and other members would love to hear it!
But if any member here comes in and bashes anyone then their post will be deleted. I do not support insulting members because of what they are or what they have seen.
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Rules & things to tell us
Please give us a discription in detail of what you/friend saw.
No insulting anyone
Explain what you were doing when you/friend saw them.
What was the being doing when you saw it?
Going along with the discription, was the being wearing any cloths? If so what style? (Saying a a leather jacket, and a skull necklace with pink hear or anything sarcastic will be deleted.)

Just remember, if you do not know the person who experienced this, then don't post it. Unless you're friend knows this person, but nothing more of a friend of a friend.


M Sidhe:
Nest of Fairies
by Doug Harrington
I have a large house with numerous fields and paddocks in the countryside and often go for long walks around my land. I went on one walk at the beginning of winter so that all of the leaves had fallen, and I noticed two empty birds nests in easy climbing distance. I often collect them as I am a keen bird watcher and like to collect nests, old egg shells etc.
I came back to the fields with my ladder and climbed to collect them and I saw the strangest thing of my life. In the bird's nest were little, winged people. I was certain that whatever they were, they could only be described as fairies. They looked to be all female and were dancing around in circle. They looked exactly like humans, but only an inch tall and wearing clothes that looked to be made out of leaves.
I watched them for about an hour and they never took notice of me, so I went to go and get my wife. When I returned, they were still there and remained there for the whole of winter. My wife couldn't believe it, but was also certain they were fairies. About mid-March I went out go and check on them as I usually did, but they were gone. They never returned next winter. Every day, my wife and I went to watch them, and whether they were dancing, sleeping or just playing, they never took notice of me.
Color Fairies
by Yolanda Sarmiento
There are certain amazing occurrences that can be disregarded or easily explained. This story may, or may not, be one of those; it may have all been a hallucination! I have told this story only to immediate family or the closest of relations, and even then I did not tell the whole truth for fear of being disregarded or even scolded for telling falsehoods.

In the summer of 1996, when I was four years old, my aunt came over to visit me and my sisters. We were at that time living at the Sandpiper apartments in Whittier. We went outside to sit in the shade of the tree by our staircase with a water bottle each, and plopped down on the stairs by our apartment.
Everything was fine, and we were just playing and having a good time. All at once, the sky grew darker as a cloud passed over the sun. I didn't get that; there had been not a cloud in sight. Here is where it gets weird. I can last remember hearing laughing that was strangely muffled right before I fell into what could be described as a faint.
I opened my eyes to find a beautiful, almost human face staring back at me, with an expression of confounding. I sat up, confused, but curious. That's when I saw it had wings, light green, gauzelike. I started and heard it speak. It asked why I was there in a soft, dreamy, quizzical voice, then told me, "You should go to the purple one. She'll know." I suddenly found myself before a creature like the other, but with lavender wings.
She sent me to yet another, with orange wings. It was then I noticed that it was gradually getting harder for me to breathe before the orange – I guess you could say, "fairy." I was almost gasping and I felt lightheaded.
"You don't belong here," it said, almost angrily. "YOU SHOULD BE IN ANOTHER PLACE! You..." She didn't finish because at that moment a creature that was more grand than all the others with piercing, blue, translucent wings that matched her ocean eyes, alighted from the right of my view.
"You don't go here, not now, not ever again," it said in a voice, soft but striking, like a cloud that turns to thunder. I felt my breath catch in my lungs. As I choked for oxygen, she started a chant of, "Go home. Leave this place. Go home, leave this place."
As she did so, I heard voices around me, muffled. At first, but gaining strength fast, I felt air start to seep into me. I gasped as if taking the breath of life for the first time, and I awoke to find myself on our sofa in the living room surrounded by my parents, sisters and my panic-stricken aunt.
Being only four, and not having a very broad vocabulary, I told them at once, "The green fairy told me to go to the purple fairy, the purple fairy told me to go to the orange fairy, then I saw the blue fairy and she told me to go home," all in one breath. They didn't know what to make of it and it wasn't mentioned again. It may have all been a dream or something, I imagined.
But when I came to, I could have sworn I saw a blue shimmer out of the corner of my eye. But when I turned, of course, there was nothing there. I still sometimes dream of them, but they are never substance or vivid as "the day I passed-out" as my parents call it. However, I'll never forget my pass-out fairies.
Faery Friends
by Marlene
It was on the 22nd of June, 1999. I remember it so well. It was around 9 p.m. and I was outside under the growing moon. I was facing the east with my arms stretched up too the sky and I was asking for blessings for all the beautiful people upon Mother Earth. I turned around and looked up on top of the roof of the house, and there hovering about four feet above the tiles were two glowing lights! At first I was logically thinking, maybe it's a cobweb and is glowing under the moon's rays. But no, whatever it was hovering up and down - both of these glowing light's!
Suddenly, I had this feeling come over me that whatever it was wasn't bad but good. I held my left hand out (the hand too receive) and I said, "It's okay, you can come to me. I mean you no harm." The glowing balls of light hovered down. Then I could see quite clearly that they were faeries. The female one landed right on my left hand, and I could see there was a male faerie hovering just back from her about eight inches away! My feelings told me that these beautiful beings were there for me for a special reason.
Just then my eldest daughter came running out the back door; she was having trouble getting the lid off something and needed help. They were scared away. They just disappeared like that! I was taken aback with awe and wonder what I had just experienced. After my encounter, I did much research into faeries to learn all about them. I feel that these faeries have some connection with me now; I feel them close by even though they have not shown themselves again to me since this night. I leave them gifts.
The Fairies
by Kelly
My whole life I have been out to find fairies. Ever since I was about five years old, I had been addicted to their mysterious, delicate and beautiful features that I have seen. My parents always told we that I would never find any and that they were not real. I kept to my beliefs and told them I was going to find one if it took my whole life. Well, one night my little sister and I proved them wrong.
It was a very clear July night and a beautiful full moon. I had decided to take my little sister out to the orchard (which was right across the street from my house) to lie on a blanket and look at the stars. On our walk over there, I saw a circle of mushrooms. I said to my little sister, "This is a known place where people can find fairies." She looked up at me and whispered, "Do you think we will see some." I did not know what to say to her because I did not want her to become disappointed, so I told her that we might, but they can be very unpredictable.
So we walked around the circle to get out of all the apple trees and peach trees. When we laid down, my sister started to ask me about what I had known about fairies. I told her every thing that I had known at that time, then she got real excited about seeing a fairy. We both laid there very open-eyed, looking for a fairy. Then my sister looked at me with wide eyes and said, "Sissy, what color are all of the fairies?" I told her that they could be any color. Then she asked if they could be blue and green with sparkles. I responded while getting the idea that she had seen one, "Yes. Why? Have you seen one?" She said, "Well, yea I think. They're all over there by that mushroom circle."
As I turned my head in disbelief, I was wondering whether my lifetime dream had come true. Sure enough, it was true. When I looked in that direction, all I saw was a light source with five green and blue brighter lights. I got up slowly thinking that if I walked up to them slowly that I could get a closer glimpse. As soon as I was about two feet away from them, they all disappeared. When they disappeared, I could swear that I had heard the music that sounded like it was coming from a harp. They all flew down like they were hiding under the mushrooms.
I knew it was bad luck to pick a mushroom or even disturb it, so I just looked as close to it as I could. Just as I was looking under the mushrooms, I heard the voice of my dad. My sister and I looked at each other with disbelief in our eyes. We ran inside to tell my dad the story about what had just happened. He looked at me like I had gone mentally crazy with my obsession with fairies. I told him that I would show him, and we all walk across the street.
When we got to the other side of the street, I could not see the fairies, but I could hear the harp sound that I had heard before. I told everybody to walk very slowly and to make no noise. We got about six feet from them and we could all see the blue and green lights from a distance. My mom and dad looked at each other with confused faces. Then he looked at me and said something that meant so much to me, and I never thought that I would hear him say in my life: "You were right. Fairies do exist."
Ever since then, every full moon, we all sit in the orchard and listen to the beautiful harp music and enjoy the company of the mystical creatures that live across the street.

M Sidhe:
The Fairy
by Krystal
Two summers ago my family and I had gone to San Antonio Texas. We enjoyed the town but as time came to leave my folks decided to drive around and look at the really nice houses. As we drove into a street we had to stop to turn the car around. I saw a beautiful house and I admired it for a while till I saw by the mail box a few fairies, at first I thought they were dragonflies, but looking at them longer I saw they were little people. I saw their narrow little bodies and their long legs. I wanted to scream at my sister to look out the window but I felt foolish that they might not believe me. I remember I saw one of the little fairies look at me and then they all flew down into the grass. Until I saw the stories on here I thought I was crazy - but now I know I'm not the only one who has seen them.
The Fairy and the Glove
by Sasha Glass
My boyfriend and I went to visit Minnesota. His dad's grandparents live there, so they agreed on letting us stay with them during our visit. I thought it was completely beautiful when I got there. I had never seen so many trees and flowers in bloom at once. I'm from Indiana and Indiana sure doesn't look like this!, I thought.
We had been there for about three days, and for those three days my boyfriend and I would go fishing, take walks in the woods, do some hiking, and just have a relaxing time. I have believed in fairies for most of my life and until this trip I had never seen one. Loving fairies the way I do, I know a lot about their customs and rituals – what they like and don't like.
To me, Minnesota looked just like what I had imagined a fairy home to be. Just for the sake of it, I brought with me some thyme and rosemary on the fourth day of my walk in the woods with my boyfriend. He was completely skeptical about my idea, but let me continue on his knowledge of my passion for one day seeing a fairy. It was becoming dimmer outside and I could only really see the silhouettes of everything outside. I placed the thyme and rosemary in a small fire I had built. I picked a location in an open area of the woods where there were psychopsilocybin (mushroom/toadstools) growing in a enormous circle, outlining this open area in the woods.
I waited.... I saw nothing.
I was disappointed but still had drive to want to see one of these beautiful, mystical creatures. But I thought to myself that maybe they knew what I was doing all along, and they were shy and uncertain. So I decided that I would back off. I quit looking for them in Minnesota. The rest of our trip went on, and my boyfriend and I had a wonderful time hiking, canoeing, and fishing.
The end of our trip had come. We both had to be to work the next day. We packed up our things in order to get ready to leave the next morning. My boyfriend and his great grandparents had gone to sleep and I decided to stay outside on the deck humming a tune in front of the fire we all had built and cooked dinner over. As the fire died down and I was still humming an Irish bedtime tune that my mother would always sing to me, a little flicker of sudden bright light danced off in the distance. It came closer and I heard it hum the same tune that I was humming minutes before! Suddenly it disappeared and I got up slowly to inspect the ground on which it pranced – and I saw a glove. My glove!
I had lost it that night in the woods trying to explore an encounter with these fairies! I was so excited I burst in the door to tell my boyfriend! I will never forget that little flickering light, that brought my glove back or that beautiful voice that hummed just like my mother had.
Laughing Little Person
by chicken legs
It all started when I was on the computer about 9:00 in the morning. Suddenly I heard this high-pitched laugh going, "He he he." It was very familiar, because I heard it before, but I can't remember who said it. It was coming from the backyard, so I went to see what it was. It was some little man a few inches tall, with weird orange hair, leather-like clothes, an almost pointy hat.
"Hello, hello," he said in his high-pitched voice. I was scared, but more curious so I stayed. I was sure there were more of them, but I wasn't paying attention. They didn't look like they were going anywhere, so I went to get my sister by calling her and going to get her from the basement (it's so hot outside, the family sleeps in the basement). She was asleep and she thought I was going
insane. My mom or dad weren't home, so I went back to the backyard. Then I noticed the little guys weren't there anymore, not even their footprints! After my mom came home, I told her and she thought I was stressed out and having some weird mental episode.
Little Jack
by Michele Rock
All through my life, I have had many paranormal experiences, but this one quite puzzles me. When I was about four years old, I lived in an old house in California. I had my own room, and every night after I was sent to bed around 8:00, I would lie there and watch my little play kitchen. Here he would come: a little man about four inches tall, dressed in a suit and hat. He would walk across the play stove and sink as if he had a fixed destination. And when he got to the edge, he would jump down and disappear.
After a few nights of this, I tried to talk to him, but he would keep on going as if he didn't hear me. This got to be something I would look forward to every night. This happened all summer. As soon as school started and I started kindergarten, he never returned. I have the feeling his name was Jack. If anyone has ever seen one of these, please let me know or if there is an explanation for it.
The Little Jester
by Knobby
It was sometime around 1964 and I was five years old. My sister was 8. We were playing in our bedroom when we noticed something moving around our dresser. We looked closer and we saw what looked like a little man about 6 to 8 inches tall. It was wearing what I remember as a court jester type outfit and pointed almost curly-toed shoes.
At first we were frozen with amazement. I don't remember what we said to each other, but I know the creature knew we were talking about it. Before we could move closer to get a better look, it ran behind the dresser. We moved the dresser and looked all around, finding no sign of our small visitor.
To this day, my sister does not want to know any further information on this subject as she is now a fire-and-brimstone religious woman. I, on the other hand, have always wanted to know more about this mystery. I know this really happened and I have suffered to keep this incident low key. I have only told a handful of people in 40 years. I would like to talk to anyone having similar experiences. I have been looking for pictures or illustrations of the visitor without success. Any help on this subject would be greatly appreciated.
Little Man in the Woods
by Ben
When I was about five or six years old, I used to go watch my brother play soccer. Truthfully, the games didn't keep me very interested, so I would routinely explore areas around the different fields looking for bugs where while my grandpa would watch the games with the other parents.
During one particular game, my brother played in a field that was surrounded by a wooded area. I walked around the perimeter of the woods exploring and looking for critters like I routinely did. As I walked along, an animal came up to me from out of the woods. I was astounded when I realized that it wasn't an animal; it was actually a little man.
Even though it was humanoid in appearance, I know it wasn't human. I was very short at that time, at the most 4 feet, and the creature I saw was extremely small to me, so it couldn't have been more that one foot tall. It had brownish skin, was very wrinkled and had tufts of gray hair sticking out of its head. It was very squat, almost square-shaped. Its body type resembled a person who looks short and squat in a funhouse mirror. It was also fully clothed, which was a characteristic that really perplexed me. It wore clothes that looked as if they could have been handmade. From what I remember, it was wearing simple brownish pants and a shirt that resembled peasant clothing from movies about the middle ages. It was also wearing small shoes that were tannish brown and looked to be made of leather. The thing that I remember the most was its beady black eyes. It did not have whites in its eyes like a human; they were all black. It looked at me for what seemed like forever, but was probably only a few seconds, and then it quickly ran off.
I ran back to my grandpa, and yelled, "Grandpa, I saw a little man in the woods." I recall the other parents just smiling, probably just thinking it was childish make believe and nothing more.
I forgot about this incident for a long time as I grew up, but one day about three years ago, I remembered it. I asked my mom if she remembered me talking about seeing a little man when I was a kid, and when she said she did, I was surprised. My grandfather had passed away a few years before this, but my mom said she remembered that he told her after the game that I had insisted that I had seen a little person in the woods, and that I was genuinely scared of something.
It was a long time ago and some of the details are hazy, but I do believe that I saw something very strange that day. I believe that I remembered it so well because I've never felt the way that I did when I saw it. I've never been a strong believer in otherworldly or mystical beings, I'd be much more inclined to believe it to be a naturally occurring hidden animal, but the feeling that overcame me when I saw it told me that it wasn't a natural creature. The experience seemed to have an almost magical feeling to it, and as far as I honestly know it really did happen.

M Sidhe:
Little Man with Bracelets
by Marcia
In the late 1950s and early 1960s, my sister and I saw a little man in our bedroom at night on several occasions. I saw him once during the day while with my mother in a bathroom. He came out of a trash can and put a blue bracelet on one arm and a red bracelet on my other arm. Then immediately he took them off again and disappeared into the trash can again. The whole time my mother was paralyzed in front of the mirror.
During the years that I saw this little man, I also had a hard time sleeping because of all the static in my head. It was if someone was speaking to me in another language as fast as they could. I would ask whoever it was to quit. A voice would always reassure that everything was alright and that someday I would understand everything.
I'm 51 now and I still don't understand what was happening to us back then. Both my sister and I agree that whoever the man was he was there to visit me for some purpose. I can't remember what he looked like but he was short, about 2-1/2 feet tall and wore strange clothing. I feel I don't remember what he looked like for a reason. I would really be interested if anyone else has had this kind of experience.
Little Men in the Car
by Eddie
When I was five years old, I took a nighttime drive with my parents. I was sitting in the passenger side of the back seat looking out the window. I remember looking to my left at the empty seat next to me and seeing tiny "little men." They couldn't have been more than two or three inches high. There were six or seven of them and there was a leader amongst them who had a horn or bugle and was commanding the others to follow him. They seemed to come out of nowhere and walked around the empty back seat next to me. They looked like little elves or fairies, but seemed transparent at the same time. Almost wispy. I immediately started to cry out for my parents and when they turned around to look, the "little men" had vanished. I was so hysterical my parents had to pull over to console me. I never saw them again, and for a very long time I could not sit in the back seat of a car at night by myself.
Little People of Olympic Mountains
by Glenn
I realize that this story will not carry much weight as it is only third hand. I only come to know of it from a friend who is now deceased. Having read a few other similar accounts, however, I feel that this little story should be recorded for whatever it's worth.
My friend was raised in a small town called Clallam Bay, about as far northwest as you can get in the continental U.S., on the northwestern-most tip of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. His father was involved in work with the local Native American tribes there. Even today, this area is quite remote and only sparsely populated. There are still vast areas of the Olympic Mountains that rarely see humans. Mark, my friend, was an avid outdoorsman and loved camping and hiking. He grew up roaming the rain forests of the Olympics and was kind enough to take me on numerous camping trips.
I have always been intrigued by the legend of the Sasquatch and could not pass up asking Mark if he had ever had any encounters with one and what his thoughts were on the matter. He told me that he believed that they existed. He had never seen one, but he did recount one occasion when he was a short distance from his home, he heard long drawn-out sort of bellowing call that he could not attribute to any animal he knew of. He said that the sound was so loud that it seemed that the whole forest reverberated with it. It froze him in his tracks. He was familiar with the sounds of all of the known wildlife, including the elk, deer, cougars, etc. But this was something entirely different. He never did see what made the noise.
But, he said, Sasquatch may not be the only strange thing you might encounter in the Olympic forests. When I asked what he meant, he told me this story.
Mark said that his grandfather, a man with virtually no sense of humor, had told him of a strange experience he had had in the woods many years prior. Apparently, his grandfather was on an outing into the rain forest with his young wife and some other friends. The intent was to cut and gather wood for the fireplaces. A picnic lunch was planned as the work would take most of the day. While the women were setting out the food and before the actual wood cutting began, Mark's grandfather had wandered some little distance from the rest of the group when he encountered a group of little people darting around in the ferns. He guessed that there were at least five or six of them and that they were about 12 to 18 inches tall with rather dark skin. No sooner had he seen them though, than they were gone.
His grandfather was dumbfounded. He said that he didn't even tell the rest of the people, including his wife, what he had seen because he knew they would not believe him. He had wondered about it many times since, but there was never anything else to support what he was sure he had seen, so he just kept it to himself. He told Mark that that was the first time he had ever told anyone about it. Now, as I say, I am recounting this story third hand. It is only something that I have heard. But since neither Mark nor his grandfather are around any longer to tell the tale, I am passing it on for them. If nothing else, maybe it will reassure someone else that they are not crazy.
Little White Men
by Donald Patton
I am a 29 year-old-male from Kentucky. I think I was about 14 when this happened. I also want you to know that I am a skeptic when it comes to ghosts and believe that there must be a logical explanation to everything, even though it may not be a logic that we currently understand. If asked about UFOs, I would have to say that I am very skeptical, but the possibility is far greater than the possibility that there are spirits of the dead walking among us. The reason I mention this is that this story falls somewhere between UFOs and ghosts.
I want to assure you that as God is my witness this is a true story. It has recently been on my mind and really scares me anymore. So enough already, here is the story:
It was late one evening in mid-summer about 15 years ago. You see, I had this very strange habit: I was always absolutely obsessed with throwing rocks. I would spend hours doing this. I had one spot in particular where I spent much time engaged in my hobby, as there were many rocks there. The spot is located about 60 yards up the hill behind my house. Because the summer days were getting very hot here and one was advised not to be out much in the day, I had adopted the habit of waiting until evening to go out and do this. It was a ritual that I had repeated many nights before, just about every night for the last month or so. I was a rough boy who was never afraid, and all the ghost stories in the world would not have kept me from my love of stone-throwing.
So this night I was out there sitting in my usual spot just throwing away. I had been doing this for about an hour, and it was just beginning to get dark, probably about twilight. I heard the front door open to my house and knew that my father was coming out to tell me it was getting dark and to come on in so he could go to sleep without worrying about me. He came around the house and stopped at the bottom of the hill, then yelled, "Donald! Eric! Come on in. It's getting dark and I want to go to bed."
Eric is my little nephew who was about nine years old or so. I sat there a minute and said sort of low like, "Huh? Ok." He stopped, walked a bit closer and again said, "Donald! Eric? You boys get in here now." Now I stood up and said, "Eric is not up here. He is there in his room. I am the only one up here. He walked up the hill and asked, "Well, who were those people you were talking to?" I said, "No one. I am here alone."
I could see that scared him. He said, "Donald, honey, are you sure Matt and Eric are not up here?" I said, "No, Matt (who is Eric's little friend) is not even here tonight." He said that there was someone there behind me and did I see them? I said no, and we went and looked around the yard. We searched everything very thoroughly and went in to confirm that every family member was where they were supposed to be. They were. We got my brother up, who got his pistol and went up the road to see that there were no strangers in the area and further search the yard. All the while, my poor father was not saying much. He was so scared, and I had never seen him frightened before.
It was not until the next morning that he had recovered enough to give us the whole story. My father said that when he walked out, he saw two little people standing there dressed in white, like a "damn doctor or something," to use his words. He did not see me, as I was sitting down and he assumed that the little people – whom he estimated to be about 3-1/2 to 4 feet tall – were me and my nephew. When he yelled, he said they ran around the side of the hill above me then went behind some small buildings of ours and he never saw them again.
Now it is important to know that our yard is totally fenced in two sections. The "little white men," as my dad put it, were behind me on the other side of the fence. There was an open gate that went out into our yard, which is also fenced. They could not have gotten into our yard without me seeing them and even so could not have crossed our fence so fast – and then would certainly have been heard by us and the dogs. My father admits that this scared him worse than he had ever been scared before. For months he would not go out after dark and after that never went out unarmed. It was not until he used the phrase that "they were standing there looking right down my shirt collar" that it scared me some.
The Little White People
by Leslie
The house I grew up in, where my parents still live, has three levels. The bottom level consists of a large den, a bathroom and a study, where my mom has her computer. On the middle level is a kitchen with a screened porch off the back, and a living room. The top level consists of three bedrooms, a hall and a bathroom. My brother is ten years older than I, and was still living at home when what I am about to relate to you occurred.
This took place in August of 1988, when I was 14 years old. It gets hot here in August, and even with air conditioning, the heat would rise to the top level of our house, and it would sometimes be too hot to sleep up there. If my brother got too hot, he would take his pillow downstairs to the living room and sleep the rest of the night on the floor, in front of the air conditioning vent. When I was about 12 years-old, I started doing this too.
On this particular night, I woke up about 3 a.m., and it was so stuffy in my room I couldn't go back to sleep. So I grabbed my pillow and headed for the vent downstairs. My mom always left a florescent light over the kitchen sink on at night, and it wasn't totally pitch dark, so I didn't turn on any lights. A minute later, I was making myself comfortable on the floor in front of my favorite vent, which was beside the front door, and faced the door leading to the hall and the steps that led downstairs.
I was just about to drift off to sleep, when I had the strong sensation that I was being watched. So I opened my eyes, and right in front of my face, only three or four inches away, was a small white face staring down at me. I sat up and saw that the entire room was full of little people. They were all solid white, but not transparent, and none of them was over about three feet tall. I could see that their heads came to a point on top, and could make out that they had arms and legs, but could not distinguish any facial features or clothing details. Several of them were climbing all over the sofa, and one of them was standing in front of the TV, staring into the dark screen. About six of them were peering in around the hall’s door jamb, and I had the feeling that they were curious and wanted to come into the living room also, but were afraid for some reason. There were at least 10 or 12 of them in all. When I sat up, I had startled the one who was in my face, and it jumped up and started backing away from me. At this point, the others realized that I was awake, and they all took off running down the stairs toward the den.
Surprisingly enough, I wasn't really frightened. I had more of a feeling that the beings were mischievous, rather than evil, and you can imagine how curious I was. I jumped up myself, and went to the head of the stairs that led down to the den, where I turned on the light. Of course, there was nothing there. My first thought was to follow them downstairs, but then an uneasy feeling kept me from doing so. I turned around and went back up to my room, where I closed the door and slept for the rest of the night.
The development where my parents' house is located was a large farm years ago. We think the house must be close to where the farmhouse was, because the old well is in their back yard. It wasn't unusual back then for people to have large families, and the survival rate of the children was not that great. I have explained this event to myself as being some children from out of the past, who came back to see what had happened to their home.
Mini-Stonehenge Makers
by Brandi
This is a strange tale, perhaps not paranormal, but very odd. My husband is a landscaper by trade and several of his clients live along the same hilly, ocean-view road. A few weeks ago, he needed to move some bricks that were left over after a renovation to his client's house. He put them in his wheelbarrow and moved them downhill from the house into the backyard. The lower yard is bounded by blackberry bushes all along the length of it, and there is a small path cutting into the bushes where the compost pile is hidden. My husband dumped the bricks next to the brambles and close to the compost and thought nothing more of it. His clients left on a trip out of the country for three weeks, so during that time he only went over to put their recyclables out for them.
The week after they returned, my husband was back to prune and mow for them. He took the clippings down the hill to the compost as usual, but when he saw the pile of bricks a creepy feeling came over him. The bricks had been placed in megalith-like forms with uprights and lintels, and in the center of it all was a small "house" of four or five of the bricks. This area is very sloped and almost difficult to stand on, but whoever created the forms managed to get one of the bricks to stand on its corner atop another one!
My husband asked the homeowners if they created it but their answer was of course, no. He went next door to another client (a good friend of the owners) and asked the same question, receiving the same answer. Are little people living in their garden using the brambles for shelter? Or was it a neighbor with an odd sense of humor? Either way, the homeowners left the forms as-is to encourage the artist(s) to continue.
My Friend, the Gnome
by Lizzy
When I was four, I saw a gnome. He would follow me around whenever I was outside. He led me to a creek behind my house that nobody knew about. The creek seemed almost magical. We would spend hours each day at the creek. We did this all without communication. Then one day he spoke to me. He did this without moving his lips. He did this through his mind. He told me his name, Sebastian. He told me about his family, his wife and his daughter and son. Then he told me that I was his first human friend.
He showed me where the fairy rings were. He showed me where he lived and he showed me his family. I had known him for five years. Unfortunately, my mother told me some bad news. We were moving to a city 600 miles away. I was so sad I wouldn't eat and I couldn't sleep. I knew I had to tell him. I had to tell Sebastian. I went to the creek to look for him. He was fishing with his little bamboo fishing pole. He knew something was wrong the moment he saw me. He held out his arms and I ran to him.He gave me the most loving hug I have ever experienced. He must have read my mind because he then took my hand and led me to his home.
He dug around in his desk and pulled out a necklace that matched the one he was wearing. He then collected other things: a fairy bible, a magical creature call, a wish stone and a jewelry box. He then wrapped all the items in a cloth and gave the bundle to me. He closed his eyes and I closed mine. Next thing I knew, I was standing in front of my bedroom window with the bundle in my arms and the necklace around my neck. I looked out the window and saw him in his white hat and robe, standing three feet tall. My little friend, the gnome.

One week later, I was in my new room, 600 miles away from my best friend. I took the bundle out from the cardboard box it was in and went outside. I blew upon the fairy call and I heard the soft singing of fairies. Every night, the fairies sing me to sleep while I hold the necklace tight. I look at a single star and I know Sebastian the gnome is looking at that same star. I am now 11 years old and I know Sebastian still remembers me.

M Sidhe:
The Pixie's Prediction
by Chaizuka
My story is a very strange one, but completely true. My bedroom has two beds in it. When you walk in the door, mine is on the left. Above my bed is a small, circular window and next to my bed (which is up against a wall) there is another window.
One night, I was in a very deep sleep. All of a sudden I felt something else in my room with me. I sat upright and turned around and faced my circular window. Sitting on its sill was a "thing." It was about as tall as a hand when it stood up had little clawed hands and feet and little fangs. Its head was like a little pixie or something – very hard to describe. It was a mousy-brown gray color and covered in fur. It had beady eyes and sharp fangs. I was terrified. We sat there facing each other for a minute, then it gave the most evil smile I have ever come across in all my 23 years, ran its little claw across my window frame and said in a voice that sounded like it was enjoying something evil, it said, "Twenty-sixth" and then jumped out my open window. When it had jumped out, it had disappeared. I never saw it again and never want to. There is still a scratch on my window frame 2cm long.
The worst part of this story is that my grandma died on the 26th of October. The little thing had said "26th" to me. Was it a prediction or something more?
Three Little Folk
by David
I've had several strange experiences. Basically, I think, because I try to keep my eyes and mind open without forming opinions or beliefs about them. I don't believe in ghosts (never seen, but I'd like to), ETs (ditto), or Bigfoot. I have seen five UFOs, but that's all they were: unidentified, unexplainable and aerial phenomena.
But I swear I saw three "little people" one evening clearly. And believe it or not, it was in the center of San Diego. Clear and sober, I walked with my dog down the large backyard of a friend at about 9:30 that bordered a freeway. About 30 meters away, there were three little folk standing together and talking. Believe it or not, they all wore green, wide belts with large buckles and green pointed hats. They all had beards, and turned to look at me as I rounded the corner of the garage.
I stopped, but my dog took off in chase, barking loudly. They hurriedly turned and ran through a break in the hedge, and were gone. Who knows?


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