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This actually does deal with dinosaurs if you keep reading on it, thats why I posted it here. Also this reinforces what I have always said about looking to the peoples of the past for answers to many things because they were not supressed and manipulated by powerful governments or corrupted media (well, not the really old ones anyway  :wink: ) The fact that these ancient cultures knew of dinosaurs and saw living ones thousands of years ago is astonishing especially since the modern world didn't know of them till around 175 years ago...hmm.......Anywho here is the link I promised.

 I've always said that. As unlikely as it sounds, we're supposed to have the higher intellect here. So why couldn't humans find a way to live wih the dinosaurs? ....... but..... and here's where how I was raised comes into play......... any thoughts on their current extinction (for the most part)?? How.. when... why?

Glad you brought that up. The climate of the earth has been changing steadily over the years as we know but it has been shifting for a very long time, not just some recent occurence. This shift has slowly made it harder for the dinosaurs to maintain high enough numbers to survive against the most destructive force in the world: mankind. We can't honestly think ancient man would tolerate massive animals ruling over them. They would destroy any one of them they came across. Look at how many species, who were once in the tens of thousands in number, were wiped out by mankind within a century, never again to be seen on this world. Hmm...see a pattern here? Was there a catastrophic meteor crash in the ancient past? Probally. There has been too many signs for there not to have been one. Did it completely wipe out the dinosaurs? Doubt it. All creatures have the ability to adapt and overcome, and were it not for the presence of man, they might have been able to ride that one out. And yes there a re still a few left scattered here and there but I suspect in a last vain attempt at survival they have drastically reduced in size to avoid detection by humans. I suspect that the rise of the first civilizations coupled with the rise in larger mammals and a drop in the earths temperature reduced their number to almost nonexistent levels. And it makes sense that the ones most commonly seen are plant eaters since they could survive undetected easier than a meat eater who had to roam and hunt for its food.

The K-T Event was more than enough to wipe out the majority of life on earth.
The only reason birds, small reptiles, mammals, and sea-living critters didn't die out is because they didn't rely on the strict "prey eats plants, predator eats prey, predator dies and feeds plants" cycle. The smoke from the asteroid that caused the extinction killed many plants, disrupting that whole cycle.
Only those dinosaurs or giant aerial and oceanic reptiles that were in distant, remote locations could have survived, and even those would have most likely been driven to extinciton because of the lack of genetic diversity, climate changes, and the intrusion of the rapidly-evolving mammals and birds.
Any "dinosaur" that still lives today would have to do so in a place that not only could it be safe from that event, but safely breed and evolve for the last several million years. It is no longer a dinosaur, but a new breed of creature descended from such a thing.

And humans, at least on a mass scale, have never, ever, lived amongst dinosaurs. The first little waddling apes that  would become us in millions of years lived several millions years after the death of the dinosaurs.

Seeing as how most things seen during a drug high, generally natural substances such as peyote, yopo, mushrooms, and ayahuasca, are related to genetic racial memory, it isn't much of a stretch to think that visions of giant reptilian beasts originate from the same place.

Very interesting ideas. Exactly as is taught in the corrupted school systems these days  :lol: But everyone is entitled to their opinions, I just want to elaborate on one thing you said about the drug induced memories. If we never co-habitated with dinosaurs, then there should be no memory of them, genetic or otherwise. And yet the Incans only a matter of 5000 years ago, were able to make extremely accurate and detailed drawings about creatrures supposedly extinct millions of years before their time. I do agree in the idea of an ancestral memory activated by substances, having experienced this myself, but your ancestors would have had to actually experienced it in order to imprint it on the DNA. And I don't care what you say, little rat creatures did not have the capacity to do such a thing and carry it on in extreme detail. I'm not saying all of them survived in large numbers, but we definitely did walk with them at some point.


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