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With a new year we begin a new topic. I am dedicating this section for you to tell me your fairy experiences or for any questions about the wee folk you may have. So lets get posting people.

You knew I'd be all over this topic right? I've been experiencing interactions with the Fae for as long as I can remember. My mother has mentioned many times that I am simply not human, not extraterrestrial, but "ephemoral" as she calls me. Random bells & butterflies are always around me especially if I am in a new garden, I've learned it's just the locals saying hello. When I was in Ireland I was treated with great care by the families we stayed with almost like they were afraid to upset me. I was even tucked into the bed & the door locked at the lady of the house's insitance. I've come to the realization that I am most likely a changeling or at least somehow connected directly to the fae. I rarely seek them out but always act as if they are around & leave little things for them. I do get lots of tricksters who like to take things from one room to another sending me on a frantic chase to find said item only to finally find it in the first place I looked. My abilities with animals are related to this connection which is a huge part of my life & enormous benefit in my work. Fortunately I have not had any negative experiences although I am careful not to tempt anything.

a fortune teller told me the same thing. I was inclined to believe her until we got to the part where she told me about my love life.

I put very little faith in commercial (for profit) fortune tellers. I do believe in psychics, divination, etc but that doesn't mean I believe everyone who claims to have such abilities. Open-Minded skepticism is usually the best route for me at least. My mother is very much a skeptic which is why I put a lot of value to her words, it isn't something she would ever say glibly.

I'm blessed/cursed with being my own fortune teller....which kinda sucks. You only get useful things like how to avoid dying or seeing people who will be detrimental to your life. But on to the topic, I've had several encounters with the Fay. They like hanging around, I saw one meld into a wooden fence post for a barbed wire fence one time. I have one connected to a tree on my property, doesn't stray to far from the tree though.  I try making contact, but gave up and now I just mess with them....seems the Dryad is amused by my shenanigans. :p


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