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So I was passing this charity shop when...


Bane Bloodfang:
I happened to noticed this GORGEOUS book staring at me from the window display.

Compelled to go in investigate further I decided to buy it at a bargain price of 2.50. After a short discussion with the kind old women in the store we discovered it is infact 96 years old. Intrigued by this information and the cover title I read part of it as soon as I got home. Its full of traditional folklore, fairytales and stories about the fae. It even has ( so far) a recipe in it for a fairy philtre. Judging on the contents page there maybe atleast another 2 recipes in :)

Quite a find I gotta say, its definately my best to date! I'll keep you guys informed on whether theres any other fun recipes and stories inside.

I would love to hear more, and even See some of the recipes. I doubt I would be able to find that book Here.

crystal swan:
these recipes are not to be messed with unless you  are completely for sure you can handle the out come

crystal swan:
If you are up to a safe recipe try this

-12 dried rose buds
-3 leaves of mint
-32 drops of rain water
-12 morning glories
-14 blades of grass

grind the rose buds, mint leaves, morning glories, & grass blades in to a thick paste.  When done mix in to the rain water and drink.

this will help week immune systems

That is fantastic Bane. A great find. I'm jealous.

Also for those interested, Ernest Rhys was a writer of popular fairy tales. He had a passion for the old British fairy legends. His books are all available on Amazon (including this one) but not in such a beautiful classic cover.


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