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False Flag: The Alien Perception

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Very interesting theory about supposed alien attack in 2012:

--- Quote ---Recently a NASA report claimed that aliens may launch an attack on humanity for our terrible sin, that is man-made global warming. Of course anyone who is awake and aware of the numerous false flag operations that have taken place over the years, know full well the agenda of the global elite (NWO).
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A bit from ATS:

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False Flag Alien attack - London 2012 Olympics

Before I start, I must say I have no evidence. This is based purely on my opinion and is only a theory.

I was speaking to someone with knowledge in the subject of Illuminati and conspiracies. He was saying how some of the most famous people of the NWO said that the only way to unite the world was if an 'non-human' species attacked the Earth. This would make people of the world put their trust in to the government and unite as human kind. This would then allow the Government to take advantage of us and do there thing.

This could then eventually lead to microchips in humans (they would have an excuse linked to the 'false' attack) and other stuff.
This would obviously not be a real Alien invasion, just a false flag by the government. (same as 9/11 and 7/7)

If not an Alien attack, I'm convinced that something will happen at the London 2012 Olympics, that would be their 'final step' to NWO.

Like I said, I have no proof. This was just a thought. When I was told this by an ex-mason I found it very far fetched but I thought I'd post it on here to see what you guys thought?
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ps: im not sure if there is such thing as an ex-freemason, but im sure ill find out soon enough :P

It would be very hard to unite the entire world under threat of a "non-human" enemy, if there was no distinct evidence to prove their existence. We started the war on terror, because they flew planes into buildings*. But unless a UFO drops out of the sky, there will be many people who don't believe that aliens exist. If you believe in the spirit world, however, this video might have an answer for that.

*which, of course, was a strategic move by the elite to begin the war on terror, which is a war against no real enemy, but allows them to call out 'terrorists' wherever they see fit, justifying illegal arrests and attacks on their own enemies.

Yes it would be quite impossible, thus the entire idea of the Blue Beam Project ;)

Andromeda Alice:
Entities that you know and think of as aliens, are here longer then human race in this current form. They would not need a sport event to surprise the humanity if they wanted to attack.

and you know this how?  :roll:


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