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please look at this just in case you know about it..


im only posting this in this section because i understand that vamps feed off of energy and from what ive heard on this site also have some psicik abilitys.......anyways im just going to get to the point and skip the backstory. ive noticed that more often if i focus hard enough on someone i care about i can create an empathy link with that person/s, wich kinda gets annoying. theres other stuff also, i was outside one night and i was trying to sleep on my hammok because the moon just gives me a sence of security, and a pack of cotye started up a little ways from my house and i couldnt sleep so i closed my eyes and followed the sound with my head, like a out of body experience, and when i 'found' them i tryed yelling at them to stop but it didnt work so i used a 'rope' and tied each of their muzzles. they didnt make a sound affter. another night there was a nother group and i knew what they were saying- i know i sound like someone who only reads fiction about this kindof stuff- later i couldnt remember what they said, but when it happned i knew. and ive been able to read minds.not on pupous, but on accient . if i try hard enough im kinda able to make someone do what i want. like trip or shut up or just backout of a fight.

thats all. sorry its kind of all over the place. any help would be apreciated....oh yeah and im 15 if that has any signifigince-but i dont think it does

Hey, I've tried to send a message back to you but your message box was full. Plus your e-mail wasn't listed, so I just gave up, until I found this post. You asked me about your empathic abilities and the focus on a person from a distance. It's not impossible. I remember several years ago when my dog was being yuthanized, I was like 15 miles away when it happened, but I felt when it was happening. I could feel my parents sorrow and my dog's energy dicipating, like a water flow being turned off. Any examples of these experiences you'd like to talk about? Persuasion is another part of empathy. I also have this ability. It's alot of fun isn't it?

yeah. ill clear my inbox.


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