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What kind of cat therian am i?


Hello i'm New I have been feeling and noticing that i don't act human most of the times when i'm around my cats.. my cats are bombay/black cats.  Sometimes i feel like i can communicate with them and tame them easier there are times i hiss at them when they are being bad. I hang out with them everyday either playfully chasing them and petting them like they do when they leave their scent on people. i once saw my Male cat try to hurt the female cat and i got really pissed i growled at him and jumped on the male cat and almost bit him, and yes i am more closer with my female cat and i'm female too ... so can someone tell me what kind of cat i am all i know is that i'm therian

I can see that you'll go far, but only you can determine what you are. When it comes to being, to yourself you must be true. Don't let others decide for you.

yes what Finrod852 said. only yocan decide that.
try meditating and focusing on what you are. the trick is to not expect a black cat or bombay cat. the cat could look like a brown tabby or a hairless one!

i tried this. i imagines myself in my favorite place...i imagined it all empty with no animals and i waited for a sighting while asking "please spirit animal show yourself to me" and out from behind a tree alittle red fox named Penelope came and greeted me. ever since then we'vde been very close.


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