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     Ok I know this is a longshot, but I have to try. I wish to learn more about hunting demons. I've looked through these threads and most are crap, when it comes to actual knowledge on the subject matter, but there was one person who posted a few years ago, and something tells me you're the one I need to talk to about this. I know I have about a snowball's chance of the right person finding this, but hey, God's helped me get this far so I'll have a little faith.

     I won't spill my whole life's story on this forum, so I'll just sum it up.  My entire life I've known there was something markedly different about me but I could never figure out why. Suffice it to say, I asked God for a sign to show me the right direction, and since that day, I've seen signs everywhere.  After putting the pieces together, I am beginning to understand that this is my path, however, this isn't exactly a topic many take seriously, so I'm having difficulties finding the right knowledge.

     LetterEphesus. If you by some miracle see this, I feel that you're my best lead right now. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you were meant to hunt demons then the information would be there for you, if it's impossible to find then it's not the path for you.

     That is very true, and it seems like every time I'm about to let it go, He gives me another piece of the puzzle. Something has drawn me to this fate. He has just given me too many signs for it all to be coincidence. through faith and perseverance, I will find my path and I will carry out His work.

I believe that you should persevere, and that He wanted us to find each other. You should message me, maybe we could carry out His work , using info from each other. Ive been hunting for a while now.


Who is he exactly...surely not the God that created them. Either of you two ever read the story of Solomon?  Our job is not to deal with demons, but to resist them...pursuing them is their game and it's all fun and games until some one ends up dead. Where in the world does anything dealing with God say "Go forth and kill demons?"

"D.C. Woman: "Demons" Possessed Slain Girls

A mother found in her home with the decomposing bodies of her four daughters was charged Thursday with murder after reportedly telling investigators that the children were possessed by demons and died in their sleep.

Banita Jacks, 33, was charged with four counts of first-degree murder and appeared in District of Columbia Superior Court. She told police that the deaths occurred before a utility turned off her electricity, which prosecutors said was in September 2007, according to charging documents.

Around 30 members of Banita Jacks's family and friends attended Thursday evening's hearing. They left the courthouse without comment, reports CBS News affiliate WUSA-TV in Washington.

The bodies of the girls - ages 5 to 17 - were found Wednesday when deputy U.S. marshals served an eviction notice at the apartment in southeast Washington.

Jacks told investigators that the children were possessed by demons and began dying in their sleep, one by one, within a seven-day period, documents say. She also said she had not fed her children for a substantial time before their deaths.

Medical examiner Dr. Marie-Lydie Pierre-Louis said the bodies were in the apartment more than 15 days, "based on the insects that were found there."

Jacks could receive a maximum sentence of life in prison if convicted.

Jacks appeared in court in a white jump suit and sandals. She did not speak during the hearing. Superior Court Magistrate Judge Karen Howze ordered her held without bond. Her attorneys had argued that she should be released to the custody of an adult relative pending trial.

"I don't know how many bodies we need before we determine that Ms. Jacks is a danger to the community," said Deborah Sines, assistant U.S. attorney.

The charging documents identify the children as Brittany Jacks, 17; Tatianna Jacks, 11; N'Kiah Fogle, 6; and Aja Fogle, 5.

Although autopsies are incomplete, the medical examiner's office reported that there was evidence that Brittany had been stabbed, the charging documents state. There was evidence of binding on the necks of the Tatianna and N'Kiah, and evidence of blunt force injury to the head of Aja and binding on her neck, according to the documents..."



"Ralph Aldrich, 88, and June Aldrich, 83, viciously attacked at their Humptulips home. Ralph was killed, June is still in critical condition.
John Chase
John Chase

A Washington man believed he was slaying "demons" when he killed an 88-year-old man with a crossbow and attacked the man's 83-year-old wife with a hatchet, authorities said.

Now the female victim remains in critical condition after going undiscovered for 19 hours after the attacks, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported Tuesday.

A 31-year-old man was arrested Saturday and charged with second-degree murder and assault, police said.

Strapped with survival gear, suspect John Chase rode off into the woods near Aberdeen, west of Seattle, on a bike around Oct. 31, Grays Harbor Undersheriff Rick Scott said.

He headed north and emerged Friday in Humptulips, where he encountered Ralph Aldrich in the yard of the elderly man's home.

Chase shot the 88-year-old in the back with a crossbow, police said. He then entered the house, where he found June Aldrich, and bludgeoned her in the head with a hatchet.

The man took the couple's truck and drove to a friend's home, authorities said.

"He told his friend he was trying to get away, that demons were after him, he'd been living in the woods for several days, that he had just killed two demons and stole their truck, Scott said..."

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...Go demon hunters, Go!!!"


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