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Demon Banishing (non-possessing demon)

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Hey guys, i have a serious question. What would you do to banish a demon that is not possessing a body? i only know how to keep one out of the body, out of the house, and out of anywhere else that i can use goofer dust and a mixture of other things... but will an exorcism work to send one back to the underworld if it is outside of someone's body?

yeah, an exorcism works on most anything, houses, cars, people...

there's a lot of different ways to do simple banishings, they usually start with a cleansing and avoiding activities that will draw attention.

yea, i knew about cleansing. i do that anyways. but, with a demon i wasn't sure if i should create a demon entrapment or something before an exorcism as well.

and which exorcism is more effective in a scenario such as that?

call a priest...there are no "real" demon traps.


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