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More or less?

I think that gun control laws won't prevent shootings all the shootings I've heard of could have been prevented and gun laws had nothing to do with it


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--- Quote from: Motordemon on January 19, 2013, 05:08:11 AM ---all the shootings I've heard of could have been prevented and gun laws had nothing to do with it

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I'm interested in your opinion: how do you think they could have been prevented?

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My opinion...bring back parental responsibility and allow them to spank their children!!!!

focus on the mental health of young people, teach a strong respect for guns and mandatory hunters safety. Everyone around here needs it to get a hunting licence, not just kids. I grew up knowing where every one of my dad's loaded guns were, so did my brother and sister. I shot my first one at about age 5. We didn't touch them without his permission.

I live in an area where they still drive with gun racks in the window, kids are raised around firearms, most get their first gun as soon as they can hold one. Our schools have a lot of good anti bullying programs, a police resource officer in every high school and watch for any behavior problems in children at a very young age. We've yet to have a school, mass or any other shooting that isn't domestic/drinking related.  Gun education, not eradication.

We're a gun state; we hunt, we shoot for recreation and there's a lot of animals around here that can and will kill us. I can understand the desire to ban non hunting sort of guns(you don't exactly need a semi automatic to take down a deer.)

Ultimately if children are not taught to respect others, their lives or property and have few concerns about being punished for inappropriate behavior, what are they being taught?  They can do anything they feel like and risk nothing. Life isn't worth anything and guns are the easiest way to achieve power over another individual, around here they don't shoot guns at other people because you don't know who'll shoot back, and they may be a better marksman. There's a reason our military loves Montana recruits.  We know our guns, we shoot our guns and understand that once you pull that trigger, there's no changing it's direction.

I blame this issue on ignorance and fear, not guns...for some around here guns are their lively hood. You can feed a family for an entire winter with one good hunt and keep the wolves and mountain lions from killing livestock.

Banning guns would seriously interrupt the life we've had around here since Montana was Montana and because some silly city folk don't respect the rifle, those who live by it have to suffer because of spoiled brats people don't care about?

It's easier to blame everyone and everything but the parents that failed their children.

I don't think prayer would have solved much to stop such incidents, the free will rule can be a biatch...however, parents are responsible if their kid steals a car, wreck it and cause bodily harm. Why should some mental issue excuse an oblivious parent. His mom really wasn't aware he was having behavioral issues?

 The fact that the kid shot the children his mother taught, suggests he had some anger towards the "neglect". I know how much a teacher can do for her students, I've known a few that go above and beyond for mia. *shrugs

Or maybe I watch too much Criminal Minds?

I just firmly believe that if parent's are given control over their children instead of being punished for correcting them how me, my brother, parents, grandparents...on down the line were corrected that the children would have more respect for the world at large and if they're respectable parents, they'll respect the boundaries...parents have to set those however.  You do something bad, you get a spanked.  Parents these days are afraid to correct their children so the children don't learn there are consequences for their actions and pretty much you end up with the world as it is today.

--- Quote from: Jake on January 19, 2013, 05:15:01 PM ---And on a related note, what is your opinion about the Brice Harper/Dan Fredenberg incident?

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I think it's pretty typical for the mentality around here, there's actually a joke that "If you shoot someone, make sure they fall in your house."  However that's a different scenario than a school shooting. A man who was angry about infidelity went into a home menacingly against a guy who was sleeping with the wife.  Everyone's heard about the stories when a guy catches another guy with his wife. This just went the other way...Fredenberg being from Montana should have been aware that being shot is a high possibility if you trespass on private property.  This is as you so cutely point out, is Montana!

Maybe that's why we don't have high gun crimes around here, if you don't know what's on the other side of the door, it can and will kill you.  Around here gang bangers are really nothing more than taggers, the country boys keep that stuff under control...we fight with fists around here, not guns.

Education, education and more education...i really think that's the key to making a better society.  If people are educated on the rewards and consequences available and know that there's follow through then they'll be able to think through their choices with an educated understanding of the situation.

I wonder if there could be any correlation between the state of the American education system and the rise in youth violence?

gun control...hitting your target. 


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