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Ye fellow Writers!


So a lot of people around here seem to enjoy reading and writing... not books, the other stuff, short stories and all that. I am writer myself, started  writing about some years ago and now i'm working on my  third book. I thought why not open up a simple short story topic for your imagination to come free. So i will start:

Here is a fragment from a short story i wrote:

 November was the month of his birth anyway. Can you feel the warmth of his tears over his face in this cold abyss of air and matter, can you feel the burn in his lungs when he chokes on the smoke of a new lit cigarette, can you now reading this, feel the cold, can you? NO, you cannot. You couldnít. You canít feel what I feel, what I dream, what I see in her. The one I am so desperate about. No itís not about the girl. Itís about my wife, the love of my life which I havenít found yet. I search for love knowing it wonít change anything in my life but still I am hoping that I will find what was taken from me five years ago. The heart that I gave to a woman, that was worthy of it, the heart of a child. How could she possibly let it run away like that? I chose to let it go anyway. I didnít want it back, I wanted her to keep it in her lap and pet it as she petted that little dog of hers I liked so much and was really fond off. What happened to her dog? It got eaten by a wolf. We used to joke around saying that he owed money to him and couldnít pay him. Isnít it ironic how the same thing applies to my heart, the one with four feet and wings and a tail from a Scorpion? I was drunk, I stung myself. I was just a kid, why were you so mean and rude to me. Why did you torture me? I had no fear until that point I choose to send you that message. Itís funny how from a start with fiction I told you some reality with it, something I imagined, and then started to tell you a truth. Meanwhile in the class were 5 students are missing including me the sixth one. The teacher sayís to ďHerĒ to look for me because I asked her if I could go out for a bit and I went outside the school and into that place where I sat down and pulled out my cigarettes and started smoking taking a good sip of the vodka that was in the flask shaped glass.

Have fun and post your own... i hope i didnt post this in the wrong thread... well thats what the mods are for :P


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