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Demons at my house, photos included, I need opinions.


I have demons in my house.  I am looking for any info anyone can provide.  I don't know anything about them.

When my wife was 13 or so she "called on demons" during "witch craft".  Her family were horrible people and that's how she lashed out.  She invited the demons into the house and asked them to harm every one.  She tried doing acts of witch craft to make people sick and cause other issues for them.  Shortly after one individual developed a stuttering issue and fainting problems. 

She and her cousin shared a bedroom with beds side by side.  One night they were both found sitting up straight in bed and screaming bloody murder continuously for five minutes.  The both started and stopped screaming simultaneously.  When the came to, neither of them remembered screaming. 

A short time later her sister shared a bedroom with my wife and they both saw shadow figures moving in the darkness.  Objects would move themselves when no one was looking. 

When my wife was 15 a cousin of hers was very young and said she saw monsters on the ceiling.  When my daughter was 2 she said the same thing.  This is all in my wife's childhood home. 

While visiting my wife's childhood home for a weekend, I smoke K2 (a type with hallucinogens) and proceeded to have a demon encounter.  Throughout my entire life I have been a huge skeptic.  I would say things like:
Houses tilt over time, causing doors to move. 
People forget where they put things, they don't move them selves.   

I never believed in supernatural things.  I am a devout christian, so I believe in the existence of demons, but I thought 99% of sightings were scams.  However during my time smoking K2 I was offered wealth and power for my soul.  I said no and they insisted.  I continued to say no and they threatened to take my wife's life.  I said no, the Lord will protect her and I must do what's righteous.  She began to hyper ventilate.  I stayed strong and still said no.  I prayed for God to intervene and this all stopped.  Even after this event I still didn't think it was a demon visit.  I just figured I was high on a hallucinogen...

My wife has had dreams of demons for a long time.  Sometimes they're attacking her in the house and she'll run out side then they'll follow.  Sometimes they are kidnapping our kids and she's the only one that can see them.  Sometimes she fights them, sometimes angels help.  The dreams are regular and vary greatly.  She had a dream about a demon running around the house.  It was on the walls and ceilings crawling on all fours super-fast.  She had a whip and attacked it and, after a bit of effort, it fled.  Before it fled, it said the devil was coming.  She knew she couldn't handle the devil so she got out of the house and ran to the car.  The same demon from the living room chased her down the road and pushed the car faster and faster.  Finally an angel appeared and grabbed the demon and she was able to decelerate the car.

The day after she had this dream I was driving and the car lurched from the rear and drivers side as if hit by a charging bull.  I span out of control.  I didn't get hit by a car, the road conditions were fine, and yet the car was pushed out of control.

My wife and I were driving across the state on a road trip when things got strange.  On the way back to our house the children's seat belts kept coming undone.  They were both too young to reach, let alone coordinated enough to undo their own belts.  I kept pulling over to re-buckle them and yanking on them to ensure they were buckled.  I never saw it happen, but whenever I looked back they were unbuckled.

Last week my wife was in the bedroom and heard snakelike whispering.  It was very loud but unintelligible. It sounded as if it was coming from more than one direction.  Yesterday daughter was playing with the camera and took the picture I'm uploading. 

Circle 1:  A shadow that was produced by the shadow.  My floor lamp is at the perfect angle to project that shadow given the silhouette's location. 

Circle 2:  In the natural shadow in the background of the picture there seems to be a second figure.  There should be shadow there, but there's not.  Instead there seems to be a face like shape made of "anti-shadow".

Circle 3:  This area seems to be part of the second figure also.

Do those legs look like goat or horse legs to you?  They do to me...
I need opinions.  What it could be, what could mean, what type of demon is it, what about the second figure etc.  Advice on how to handle this is welcome too.  I have no fear, but I recognize this thing is probably able to eat me alive.  I'm a devout christian; does anyone have spiritual advice on what to do?  I am getting my hands on some holy water/oil as we speak. 

I just noticed that the picture has four legs.  If you look carefully there are two legs in the back and two in the front... Centaur, demon, and shadow creature.  Creepy.  And what about figure number two...

Not to sound cliche but...God created the creatures and would be the bestowed for you to deal with them. Ultimatly your wife called them so she has to be the one to deny them. Her history sounds abour like mine but it was me becoming christian that finally freed me from their influence. Keep your faith don't do anything to encourage them and utilize free will. God doesn't violate that trait, demons can't either...without an invitation. You're human they're silly spirits. What would Jesus do?


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