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Phantom X:
1) Know the ruleset - All roleplaying games and situations should have clearly defined rules and parameters that the participants must follow. Defining an adequate ruleset is the responsibility of the organizer and is the first important step to creating a successful RP situation. These rules can be anything from as simple restricting the time and place of the rpg (i.e. midievil england sits shouldn't have jedi knights running around in them) to extremely complex rules such as how attacking damage is scored.

      The important point here is that you, as a roleplayer, should know the constraints placed upon you before you start playing the game. This is less important in a single player situation, but when your actions affect other players as well, your knowledge of the rules can greatly affect their gaming situation as well.

2) Listen to the Moderator/Game Master - When you're a student being graded by a professor on your knowledge of a roleplaying situation this is probably quite easy for you! :) When it's for recreation sometimes it's easier the point gets a little less clear. It shouldn't however.

      It is important for the game moderator to have control over the rules and to continue to modify the game as it takes place. A good moderator will know how much "moderating" is enough and won't step over the line. Games do however tend to evolve over time as new scenarios occur or things happen that weren't originally anticipated. The result is that to keep the game running smoothly, the gamemaster does does need to play direct role and at times change the rules.

      What players should remember is that the game in many ways belongs to the gamemaster, in the case of disagreements, they should be voiced outside of the game itself. If things are not reconcilable, then the player should respectfully leave the game (quite possible to create their own with the desired changes).

3) Be polite - While this probably goes without saying, treating other players with respect is something that should always be done. Unless of course disrespect is something that is involved in the story line. The point is, treat the player themselves (possibly not the character) the same way you would like to be treated yourself.

4) Please post any & all character biographies in the biography thread. It is to help prevent character god modding. Thank you, RT

5) NEW RULE: No posting in an RP thread unless you are a participant with a character of that thread contributing to the plot line of the game.

Phantom X:
No god-moding / Power Gaming.

Basically what this means is that your Character must act within a realistic set of limitations. You may be a skilled Ranger, a capable warrior, but that doesn't mean that you can wipe out entire battalions of the enemy single handedly! In fact it pays to consider that every single battle you are involved in is the one you may not walk away from. You need to keep your actions believable at all times. If the group of Players faces a half dozen Olog Hai you are not going to get away with posting about how you kill them all with your deadly blades and turn around grinning! Those who God Mode are the ones who post that sort of thing. No Player is super human, no Player is infallable. You will see that many choose to maximise the realism by adding in details of injuries their characters sustain. This is far more interesting as it influences future interaction for the character and sets new limitations. A Character who has been shot with an arrow in the leg isn't going to be running anywhere, or a wounded arm might prevent you from climbing. Combat God Moding is not punishable by death, but it is discouraged and any Power Gaming Posts will be deleted by the GM or the Rulers. There are two other forms of God Mode, aside from in Combat. The first of these is a Character God Mode. An example might be deciding that you are the offspring of two Valar, or the daughter of an Elven King and Queen. This kind of detail has to be permitted by the Kingdoms Rulers, and will in all cases in our Kingdom be turned down. No single Character in Minas Tirith is going to be above another through lineage alone, except in the case of the Two Rulers, who have been entrusted by Eru to play the Plaza Versions of Aragorn and Arwen. An hierarchy does exist within the Rangers, but those of Rank have had to work hard to deserve their Rank. The third form of God Mode is a Storyline God Mode. A post that drastically alters the course of a Storyline must be cleared with the GM at all times. Remember, the GM has a plot outlined. It takes a lot of commitment to run an RPG. Respect the GM's right to maintain his or her vision. Cases where this rule has been broken often lead to a degeneration of the Game, because nobody, including the GM, knows what is going on. Another form of Storyline God Moding follows :
Mithril is very rare and very expensive, so not everyone will have mithril items. Rangers have strict rules on the possession of mithril items. Sometimes such items may be discovered on an RPG. This is the only acceptable way to obtain such items unless they are a gift from a Ruler. Nevertheless you will only obtain such items if the GM permits. So someone helping themselves to a randomly located Mithril sword they found just lying in the mud, is Storyline God Moding. Please see the Ranger Headquarters for more details on the Rangers policy regarding Mithril items.

No Autoing

This rule really regards two issues. Autoing is a short term for automatic hit. This is discouraged. If you are fighting one of a large force of orcs, as you will like as not end up doing some day, its fair enough to Auto them within the boundaries of realism. See God Moding. Nevertheless if a GM has presented the Arch Villain of the piece and someone posts that they ' climb the wall to where stands the enemy leader and, taking blade in hand, beheads him!' well that is autoing, and God Moding on two levels. The second way of autoing occurs when you battle each other. I'm sure that anyone would be pretty upset if someone posted doing permanent damage to their character and there was no law against it. So a post between two Plaza Player Characters that are fighting ( a rare circumstance ) that reads ' Player A attacks Player B and before Player B can react his right arm lies on the floor, severed at the elbow!' I won't go into why this is blatantly incorrect! I'm sure you can figure it out for yourself!


logic for you:
i agree with this stuff thats posted

Regina Terra:
Excellent rules, if any one has any new suggestions, or complaints, please post them here.


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