Author Topic: International Forbidden Knowledge Conference 2006  (Read 1844 times)


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International Forbidden Knowledge Conference 2006
« on: June 30, 2006, 02:52:18 AM »
Not long now for the international Forbidden Knowledge Conference 2006. On July 1st Kings Hall, Stoke on Trent will be host to some of the world's biggest authors in the genre. Featuring best sellers such as Andrew Collins, Nick Pope, Philip Gardiner, Robert Feather, Tim Wallace-Murphy, Crichton Miller, Hamish Miller and a whole lot more.

Organiser Philip Gardiner has the event covered by radio stations and magazines from around the world including journalists from America, Spain and Australia. With a wide range of stalls offering anything from aromatherapy to crystal skulls this event has everything under one roof. From 6pm onwards there's food and even a great night of entertainment from the new band Soul Path with some special music written for Gardiner's forthcoming DVD's.

Starting at 9.30am Gardiner will begin the proceedings with a talk on his journey into the heart of a secret society in Germany so be sure to arrive early. Tickets are only £25 which is much cheaper than all the other events in the country and this has the biggest names. Nick Pope will reveal secrets of the UK government UFO report and Tim Wallace-Murphy will be speaking on the secrets of the codes. Crichton Miller will give a unique insight into the world of sacred astronomy and the knowledge of kings and Hamish Miller will reveal insights from his new book In Search of the Southern Serpent.

This is set to be an amazing event so arrive early to ensure your space. Tickets will be sold on the door and there's a unique opportunity to get your books signed by all the authors at their very own stalls. Gardiner will also be taking advanced orders for his forthcoming DVD's Gnosis and Secrets of the Serpent which will launch world-wide in October through major international distribution companies.

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