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Glastonbury Goddess Conference 2006
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Celebrating the Great Mother at Her Festival of Lammas

In 2006 we will honour the Great Mother in the landscape of Avalon at Her festival of Lammas. We will make our pilgrimage to the Mother of Creation, celebrating Her love, abundance and generosity. There will be many opportunities for conferees to express their own creativity and to participate as artists, singers, drummers and priestesses. Please bring drums, rattles and other instruments to join in making music at the Lammas bonfire, in the Mysteries of Avalon and on Sunday’s Goddess Procession. Throughout the Conference a special Art Space will be open in the Glastonbury Assembly Rooms, where all conferees are invited to explore “The Mother as Creator, Creativity and Creation”, through different artistic mediums, including painting, poetry, text, sound and film.

For all those of you who have always wanted to participate in Goddess Sacred Drama, this year’s Heart of the Mysteries of Avalon will be focused in a Sacred Performance of the Creation Myth of Avalon, received from the landscape during the 2004 Goddess Conference. We would like everyone to take part in this drama in small ways. If you’d like a larger role, please contact Kathy. For the drama we ask everyone to bring clothing, coloured according to your astrological Sun sign. If your Sun sign is earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), please bring black. If your sun sign is water (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio), please bring gold. If your sun sign is fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), bring red. If your sun sign is air (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra), bring white. Otherwise the main Conference colours are all shades of yellow, from cream to sunflower to gold.

This year Kathy Jones, the Conference Webster, is joined by a Spiral of creative Spinners: Roz Bound on Registration, Koko Newport with the Melissas, Kay Allen inspiring the Creative Mother Space, Sandra Brant with Artists and Craftspeople in the small Town Hall, Pammy Dini assisting with Administration, Emma Knight for the Goddess Abundance Fayre, Rosie Elflain, Annabel Allen and team looking after Young People, as well as Priestesses - Aine Carey, Charis Cave, Cheryl Straffon, Katinka Soetens, Ren Chapman, Rose Flint and Sally Pullinger, who design and create Conference Ceremonies and the Sacred Drama.

Conference participants will once again be supported in Circles of Thirteen and we ask you to welcome Conference newcomers as well as old friends, so that everyone has companions on our journey of exploration into the Mysteries of Avalon. The Goddess Conference is a wonderful opportunity to renew your commitment to the Goddess, to fully experience Her loving nature, to walk in Avalon’s sacred landscape, to enjoy yourself in the company of like-minded Goddess-loving people, to meet old friends and new. We look forward to seeing you here in Glastonbury and ask for the Great Mother’s blessings on our Conference.

Programme and provisional details at the following link