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UFO Conference in Vegas
« on: November 11, 2006, 12:44:10 PM »
UFO enthusiasts are familiar with the story of the Roswell incident, the reputed crash of a flying saucer in New Mexico back in 1947. It turns out Nevada has a crashed saucer story of its own.

Beginning Friday night, UFO researchers will present their findings at a conference being held at the Tuscany hotel on East Flamingo. The conference focuses on stories about crashes and cover ups.

One of the incidents to be featured this weekend is the crash of something strange near Devils Hole in the Amargosa Valley.  Author Ryan Wood is the principal investigator of this case.

"I've been investigating a crash in Nye County, Nevada that occurred Aug. 5 1949 where a miner was mining and whizzing over his head came a 24-foot saucer shaped disc that crashed in front of him and two small ET's popped out and ran across the desert. And he picked up a piece of the metal and brought it back to Los Angeles.  A reporter wrote a story about it and presented his evidence there," said Ryan Wood, author of Majic Eyes Only.

Wood says he's obtained some corroboration for the story but that he has a lot of work remaining.  Also at this conference is physicist Stanton Friedman, the first researcher to explore the Roswell incident.

The public is invited to the conference, which kicks off Friday and runs thru Sunday.
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