Author Topic: Germans claim they 'invented' Halloween  (Read 12473 times)

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Re: Germans claim they 'invented' Halloween
« Reply #30 on: May 23, 2008, 04:53:36 AM »
Irish, ey? Cool! I planed to go to Ireland some couple of years ago, strange how my people are so connected with Irish and every Irish who came here or met my poeple say we are very much alike, maybe it has something to do with celt tribes that were all around Europe... anyways, what I wanted to say is that I know its not all Americans are like that, but unfortunately, many times I got proof of their ignorance, and sometimes it offends other people, cause it seems like some of you think you are the oldest and smartest in the world, when my old grannys house is older than your country.... that makes me kind of mad.... but that is only your leaders fault, and not peoples.... I know that ordinary people in USA have bigger issues than stupid terrorist fraud, so I kind of feel sorry for you, cause your government spends more money on killing strangers in foreign lands, that they spend on education and health in own country. That is really sad..... I also know that the figure of non literate people in USA reaches almost 30% which is a shame, and to see the number of homeless and poor is devastating....

I hope you people will get the thing in your hands, same as you did in ´70. Power to the people!!!!

I hope Loki wont be mad at me for this post, he warned me not to be rude to Americans.... so I really hope I wasnt... or was I?

Nah you weren't, not only is it true (because this doesn't go to ALL of them) but you're speaking your mind as well. There is some truth in it, the cause is really most of the time its leader, not the people... unless if the people wants the leader to stay. One part was supporting Bush for the wars, likewise another percentage didn't. (Yes, this discussing was already taking long to reach the president.) So there is no way saying that ALL have issues.


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Re: Germans claim they 'invented' Halloween
« Reply #31 on: June 19, 2008, 01:51:43 AM »
I know that there are a lot of americans here on board, and I dont want to offend nobody, but, you have to be well aware that your country is only like 400 years old, and you all came from Europe and other old parts of world, and you took the customs and  old believes with you to the new world. I know that this maybe uppseting you, but it is the truth, you already had all that when you left the old continent.

   What you americans did to Halloween was nothing more than comercialize all that and make the biggest money maker (along with the red Santa that Coca-cola invented)...

I dont know why its so hard for some of you guys to admit the importance of the old world. Its not that you met all teh fairytale creatures when you got to teh promised land, you already had all that from your old home.

And Im sure that many of you dont really know the full lineage of ancestors. I know that I dont. Or am I wrong?

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