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Bigfoot fun in MN
« on: August 15, 2007, 05:59:13 PM »
Hay there Bigfoot fans! If you are in Minnesota(MN) then stop by at babbitt we might be having a Big Bigfoot hunt! They mountian by Babbitt has Big in it and you can hear the screams at night sometimes!   :-o And we go on truck sometimes at night and make camp and SEARCH SEARCH SEARCH :gun:  Or treck on the hill without ATV's or trucks its alot of fun and good outdoors experince!  So stop on by!  Bring your own gear and if you want ATV's and vehicles.
NO GUN'S! Only machetes and knives etc. So ill update you on dates contact meh at or my myspace  or my big foot myspace lol.

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