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The thing that used to fall from the ceiling every night


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When I was a kid, this... thing used to form on the ceiling above my bed at night.  It was always in profile, with it's face pointing to the left.  I'd guess it was between 5-7 feet tall, which is a crappy estimate, but I wasn't this tall back then and I'm not sure if it was really as big as I thought or just a lot bigger than me. 

It was very bestial and put me in mind of some kind of monster-bear.

Every night, right after I was put to bed, it would materialize and then land on me.  After it landed, I wouldn't remember anything else until the next morning except for the terror of it.  I'm certain it wasn't a dream, although I did have dreams about the thing as time went on (this went on for probably three years), some of which I still remember thirty years later.

It stopped when I moved out of that room.  I think.

Has anyone experienced anything similar?  Even after all these years I still get really, really angry when I think about it.  I want to go after one of them and see if I can't get me some answers.  Any information would be appreciated.

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