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So, I'm obviously new to the site so don't be to harsh on me.  I thought I might as well start somewhere that was basic enough and ghosts or spirits is something that I know a bit about.  I more of just created this to discuss some of the 'monsters' I saw through out my childhood.  So, here we go.

The first couple of times I ever actually saw a spirit was at a relatives house. The house itself had a very bad feel to it.  I would walk around and constantly feel someone either watching me or something poking at my sides when no one was even there.  It was just a bad place to be as a child and at one point I did not even want to go near the place ,but for family parties.

The first one actually happened in a pool.  I was just swimming around and playing with my cousins when something caught my attention in the deep end.  I popped my head under the water and looked and what I saw didn't really scare me ,but more startled me.  It looked like a man ,but had no real features.  Just more of a blob with human-like appendages that was floating underneath the water.  My head bobs back up and then down again and the thing at the deep end was gone. 

The other sighting happened when a relative was actually sleeping in the room.  I remember spending the night there and I could not got to sleep for some reason so I kind of just wondered around the house a bit before coming to this relatives room.  I peaked through the door and could hardly contain a scream.  Over the sleeping form of my relative floated a women.  She had her arms outstretched towards him with a very sad smile on her face.  She was not see through, but she was just white.  An old fashioned, white night gown, white hair ,but she looked so young.  After that I ran back to the room I was sleeping in and hid underneath the covers.

I'm going to skip a couple more personal instances to go to something a bit more recent.  I live in a town that is constantly reconstructing and industrializing so when an old building gets knocked down.  No one seems to notice except the spirits that inhabit the place.  I always noticed an old barn that was in the woods, back a way from the rest of society.  It is still kind of like a safe haven that's left in a town that slowly seems to be turning into a city.  I went back there with a friend one day and saw some things that were not normal.  You can message me for the history of the barn and old house that used to be there ,but it was just to sad.  Anywho, I went up there with a friend because I was always curious about it.  It is a normal hang out spot for the town delinquents and others who enjoy throwing parties.  You have to take a long path through the woods before you get to the place in question.  I was in front of my friend by twenty feet probably when I saw 'it.'  The figure just appeared out of nowhere.  It came out of thin air and stood there staring ,but the catch was.  It had no face and old fashioned work clothes on.  It freaked me out enough to send me running and as we walked away from the barn the two large barn doors, which were twenty feet in the air and almost a hundred pound doors swung open with a bang.  No one was there to push them open and the wind was not howling that night.

Those are just three of some 'haunts' I've seen.  Tell me what you think or tell any experiences you might have had that were similar.


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