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Chinese River Turns Blood Red...

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Anyone here seen this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHPIdlk5vyw

Looks bad in my opinion... The "official" explanation that it's caused by sand doesn't hold water (no pun intended). What do you guys think?

there have been so many water sources that turn red for a variety of reasons, another one on the list doesn't concern me.  Now if all the water in the world turns to blood, i'll be worried, but unless it's actually tested as blood, i'll stick to the variety of natural causes scientists have proposed.




besides we still have a few to go, and if history is a constant cycle the world ended years ago...



Yeah, I don't really think it's a sign of the end time either, especially when such "signs" are all over the daily news media and far more quantifiable than some red water  :-P Humans are pretty much on their way to self annihilation anyway by the looks of things. I don't believe we need any help from the divine or the demonic  :-(

The phenomenon however is making big waves in this part of the world as the Yangtze is one of the longest rivers here and apparently according to an acquaintance in China, a substantial part of the river is contaminated. End of the world or not, it's still worrying as many people's livelihoods depend on the river.

Yeah, a lot of water bodies are becoming outrageously polluted, in some lakes here in the states fish are actually changing sexes from all the hormones being flushed down the tubes with our waste.  :(

we humans can destroy anything better than any god, goddess or beast that's ever been construed by our perceptions.

this made me think of your post here...there's more than just rivers turning red!!!  ;)


I still don't think the world will end, but it sure needs a good flea and tick bath...pine scented is good.   :?


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