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The End, January 2017?


I was in class on January 23rd, and the whole dayu i wanted to write the date as 2017, and i had this weird feeling of dread, or terror. when i got home i researched it and found out my feeling of terror in january of 2017 was very easily found on the web. The Sword of God Brotherhood; had announced that the angel Gabriel had come to them and told them that in the first month of the year 2017, the 112th pope will bring the end of days. well with the recent pope being brought in... guess what? this is our 112th pope as of now. our 111 pope had stepped down. anywho just stating all that, if anyone has the same idea, know anymore, or have a different date like 2023 or something please reply and share any other information you have. thank you.    BTW this was the first id heeard of the Sword of God Brotherhood, if you know more about them please post as well, thanks.    :|

One time in years past, I did accidentally (I think) write 2013, and another this year. Where I wrote both 2019 and 2025, but thought nothing of it. Also, not sure if this ties anything to this, but sometimes while writing, I end up writing words I don't understand, starting by forgetting a letter on one word.

Mat 24:36  "But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son,  but only the Father.


prophets and sages I can understand but doomsday criers have yet to prove themselves, worlds thrive, worlds die...it's been that way since the great Land of Mu and we're still here. Knowing the date isn't as important as understanding the signs, I would think.

That will be the difference between those who survive and those who don't. In the end, gods don't matter, human wisdom does.


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