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Originally posted by Shadowling:

Recently, I have been getting a lot of PMs from newbies asking me what 'Shadows' are. Please note that they did not do anything wrong, but it wouldn't kill them to see if I had already posted info on them first so I wouldn't have to say the same facts again and again. So, whenever a member asks me a question I have already answered about Shadows, I will give them a link to this topic. If they happen to ask me something about Shadows I didn't state, then I will out the question & the answer on here. Please note that all iformation to be found here is based purely on my own findings/beliefs, and is not explained in a scientific way, nor does it represent beliefs about Shadows at large. This is all about my beliefs. Okay. Here goes:


Shadows are setient beings made up of some sort of dark energy, and can take on a variety of forms, due to the malleability of the substance of which thier body is made. They can inhabit physical bodies if the wish, although this may weaken thier energy. Other names for Shadows are: Shadow People, Nightcrawlers, Children of the Shadow, and Shadowbeings. In a non-human state, a Shadow will generally appear to be made up of some sort of opaque shadow-like substance, and will often, although not always, have red eyes. Some Shadows (out of physical state) will drain energy from a human or animal whom they deem appropriate, usually due to high-strunbg emotions, or because they are easy to scare. They may continue to follow this person for several years, and this may cause bizarre happenings to become situated around that person.


It is possible for a Shadow to transform into a human body, or even for a Shadow to be born a human but still posses many of the powers of a Shadow, as well as keep the mentallity of a Shadow. These Human-Shadows will tend to keep to themselves, will often have 'predatory' eyes, may have supernatural gifts, and will often behave like an adult from an early age, often causing others to feel uncomfotable around them. Many of these Human-Shadows will tend to eat far more meat than vegetables, and will eat ravenously.


Secrecy, that's why. Being human allows them to infiltrate our schools, government, and all other rights that affect us. They do this so they can controll us to some extent. I believe they are strongly connected to the Indigo Child phenominon.


No more so then humans. Like us, they have thier own affairs, which may or may not collide with the affairs of humankind. More than likely, they are attempting to influence us into a new age of goodwill. Still, they sometimes do harm innocents with thier need for energy, and humankind hates anything that poses a threat.


Oh, but they are. They are simply mistaken to be minor gods or to be demons, psi-vampires and so on.
Where are they? They live in many worlds, including the elemental realm, the astral realm, and the Shadow Realm. And this one.


Shadows can affect the weather with thier emotions. They can also locate people through thier emotions (they are empaths, in a sense). They can be stronger than a natural human, hide much better (blend in with the shadows), and in thier out of human state, shapeshift to an extent.

Although I know some of thier weaknesses, I have no idea why some of them work. If you want to ward of a Shadow, Shaodws hate the number twelve. Try putting twelve thumbtacks aroun your door. If you have twelve letter name (that's your first and your last name) then they might always leave you alone. I happen to have thirteen letters in my name (the fave number of Shadows). Having thirteen letters in your name makes you a more likely candidate. 13 atracts them, as does any multiple of it. If your hous is made of 169 (13 times 13) bricks, you may be in trouble.
Shadows are not fond of sunlight, and it pains them to look at it. It will weaken them slightly to be out in the sun for a little while. Nevertheless, they can stand it if they must. They love overcast days (obviously).


I am what I call a 'Spotter'. Spotters are people who can see through some of the illusions supernatural beings create, althoguh not all. I am also an empath, and a human's emotions are very different for a non-humans, so I can also tell whether or not they are human in this manner as well.
Why am I a Spotter? Most likely I was frequently in contact with Shadows at a young age, so I developed the gift of sensing them. You too may develope these qualities if you are surrounded by Shadows as well. I live in the ideal climate and area for Shadows as well. Being in cities makes them uncomfortable, and they don't like heat.


1. You see movements in the corner of you eyes, and hear noises, but when you look, no ones there.

2. The most bizarre events seem to happen around you. Unusual whether, startling coincidences, and supernatural events are all indicators.

3. You have voices out of nowhere warning you not to do something. After all, the Shadow can't afford for it's food source to be destroyed.

4. You notice that many series of objects that you are collecting have had parts of them dissapear, so you have multiples of thirteen.

5. A bizzare series of events has led you to moving to a house with thirteen stairs up to the front door/thirteen briks around the doorway/a chimney made up of a multiple of thirteen bricks.

6. You are attracting the strangest people. One of your new friends seems to be strangly adult like, and he just moved here. Everyone else considers him/her weird but you seem to like them for some strange reason.

7. You find yourself mysteriously straying away from restaurants/buildings with twelve letters in thier name.

8.When you get mad at someone, you instantly feel rather weak, and your friend is staring at you in the most peculiar way.

9. You get dreams where you are visited by a shadowy, nocturnal visitor...

10. You are starting to tune in to all sorts of supernatural phenominon no one else seems to notice.

11. You develope entirely new skills you never used to have in a short period of time.

12. Animals either start straying away from you, or won't leave you.

13. You start noticing strange children around you, and you are convinced, without a doubt, that they are not human.....

Could you also post your theory on the number twelve in here, Shadowling?

This just popped into my head and could be way off but this could be one of the reasons Shadow's hate the figure twelve.

Well here goes: Shadow's know allot and have a much greater knowledge then humans. So it would kind of make sense if they are afraid of or wary about something if they don't know much about it. Eg. They have never tried to learn about 12 and there for it's turned into maybe something like an old wives tale. That or they could have studied twelve too much and found something they didn't like and it causes them to be afraid of it.

Well that's my attempt at a theory. Even though I can't remember Shadowling's I know it was better than this.

Hm,that's interesting, Shadow.

Their attitude firstly, the fact that they would want to infiltrate our school and government means that they obviously have a thirst for knowledge. I believe they have been around for along time that also helps.


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