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Unless a story is particularily prominent or unusual, then I don't see the point of having individual topics for them all. From now on, please post any stories concerning Shadows along with your questions in this topic.




well its a short story but i guess it can be a good place to talk about my "shadow-self" learning

First of what i did is surrond me in a pich black aura, because i know that the black color repel and banish negativity, but after that i started to feel drained and tired and my heart started to hurt.

Later on i did it again but i surrounded myself with a tiny silver like barrier that surrounded my body than after i put on the black aura, it looked like smoke though.

But i think that by doing that i am attracting hardfull life experiences and things that are making me more stronger on the emotional sides.


ok two things, one can you "figure out what color your aura is or is that something that would require someone with the gift for that. also just a comment or update i have recently begun to explore the idea i might have a second theriotype being a shadow or wraith perhaps.  which is wierd because ive always kind of been against that thought.

I'm pretty sure we've got a shadow lurking about outside. My last name, for those wondering, is 13 letters long, and I'll be up front with you: I'm pretty prone to skepticism as a saving grace in the first place when it comes to all things supernatural, but this morning, there was definitely one of them moving at a very fast speed right outside of my home. I saw it right before I left the place, and it was in my peripheral vision in addition to dead-on vision. Dead-on lasted about a second, I'd say, before it moved to the side of my vision, but there was definitely something there. Pretty sure my father saw it, too.

Just to keep away from any problems, though, I've placed twelve stones around the door frame (thumbtacks would have looked aesthetically...displeasing). My father and mother have already been practicing routine blessing rituals on the house, but they've never been aimed at shadows themselves. But still.

It was interesting, though. Wonder if I'll see it again, or if it's long gone.


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