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Has anyone dabbled?
Did it work.............or is it still working?

I had one when I was little & from the day it came into the house I couldn't sleep right if I slept at all until I threw it away. A friend had one & was so spooked by it that she actually tried to cut it in half but, in her words, it jumped out of her hands & when she did get scissors to it sparks came from it. The quija board is said to ahve played a part in the story that inspired the Exorcist. The problem with the ouija is that there are no safe guards. If it does work, there is nothing to stop whatever entity from coming through & saying whatever it wants to you.

I used to mess with Ouija boards. No more my life has been ruined by them.

 I believe they work, but I don't like them at all. There's something evil about them...

white fang:
You know there are angle ouija boards.I'm still trying to get more information about them.


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