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Magic weapons: Goibniu and the trinity of craftsmanship
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I’m in a labour’s loop, be so kind as to put up with my mental drifts.

In Irish myth the"Great Smith”, also known as Trí Dée Dána, were three craftsmen offspring of Brigid and Tuireann (Tuatha Dé Danann):
- Goibniu, the smith;
- Creidhne, the brazier;
- Luchtaine, the carpenter.
They forged all weapons the Tuatha used against Fomorians.
Of the three, Goibniu sounds the more interesting as the weapons he forged always hit their target and wounds caused by them were deadly.
Furthermore, Goibniu was believed to have created a brew giving the drinkers (Tuatha’s warriors) immortality in battle.

*Up to and beyond the Iron Age, before fighting Irish soldiers used charms and spells on their swords. To Irish solders weapons were not mere arms but traditional and useful tools.*


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