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UFO-The True Story
« on: September 04, 2006, 03:46:43 AM »
UFO-The True Story

Our ever-changing epoch tends to reveal even the most hush-hush data including military secrets.

Recently, I have come across an interesting article published in this year's first issue of Russian newspaper “Arguments and Facts” (“AIF”). It was entitled “UFOs really do exist”.  Well, our ever-changing epoch tends to reveal even the most hush-hush data including military secrets. This will be the main subject of this article.

Terrestrial origin of the Extraterrestrial Machines

The article entitled “UFOs really do exist” informed of a new collaborative process between the Russian company “EKIP” and the American Research Navy Center to create a unique flying apparatus. The article also contained an interesting photograph of a functioning prototype.

 Well, this is great news indeed. Interestingly, but on February 6th, 1992 Head of a special Government's Committee had stated that he could demonstrate “Russian UFO”. True. A disc-like apparatus “EKIP” was able to take off and remain in the air for a while. However, back then, explanations that were given to the general public regarding the actual principle of the flying machine appeared to be quite vague. It was noted that a special “air cushion” could have indeed occurred as a result of a pair of turbo-reactive engines. However, the engines could not have allowed for an absolutely vertical take off.

Afterwards, Yeltsin offered the French to “participate in the production process of the machine.” Today, after 12 years, the Russian creation is going to the mass production. The operation is being sponsored by American government. In addition, the article also mentions a similar Chinese-Russian project.

As a result, such “UFOs of earthly origin” could in fact outshine those mysterious aliens in their unidentified flying objects. However, would it possible to assume that the entire science of ufology is nothing but a mere secretive component of the real story of flying objects? Of the ones that are currently being “created anew” by Russians and sold to Americans?


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Re: UFO-The True Story
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2006, 11:12:51 PM »
I can't say it whether i believe in ufos or not but he is something that i wanna share with you.  just the lates sightings that I have come across with.  So it depends on you..whether you believe it or not...

Arizona-Ball of Fire with Tail

10-01-06-My daughter was driving my son's Plymouth headed eastbound on Old Highway 66 in Winslow, Arizona. We were going to Sonic Drive-In. My son was in the passenger seat and I was in the back r/h passenger seat and my daughter's boyfriend was in the back l/h passenger seat. My daughter noticed it first and screamed, "Oh my God, there's an asteroid!". She pulled the car over to the left of the road and got out of the vehicle. I watched through the moon roof as it was open fully (we all watched in amazement). It was extremely bright.

A large ball of fire with a huge tail flashing across the sky toward the Little Painted Desert. It seemed to disappear behind the clouds as it got so close to the earth as if it actually landed, which I have a strong instinct that it did. It did not move fast as a meteor would, nor was it bright white like a meteor, nor was it small like a meteor. It was huge! I've never seen anything like it in my entire life.

The most incredible part was that it did not burn out..... My daughter remarked that she was certain that it had made contact with the earth. I'm pretty sure it had as well. My son was so frightened that he had a panic attack and had to take medication because he was afraid that we were in mortal danger. My daughter, a student at Northern Arizona University, is familiar with Astronomy and knows the composition of asteroids and what damage the impact of an asteroid could make made comment on such an event. Also, the incredible rarity of an asteroid actually passing through the earth's atmosphere and actually not burning out. So, this is why I'm posting this report to you.source:

 :?  Elle Mayson

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Re: UFO-The True Story
« Reply #2 on: March 15, 2007, 02:18:55 AM »
That is a very good case of governments not wanting people to know stuff. Cause, if you all saw it, then Im sure that radars caught it... it would be interesting to know what happened after.

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Re: UFO-The True Story
« Reply #3 on: March 18, 2007, 05:47:11 PM »
The subject of UFO's was what first got me into the web.  First I started looking for sites on the paranormal and UFO's.  Eventually that lead me to message boards.  I still enjoy looking for stories and sightings about UFO's.