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Rocky Horror Picture Show?!?

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Barek Halfhand:
This is scary enough  :| ....b

That's not scary :) That's innocent compared to the meatloaf for dinner part... Not actual meatloaf but the singer... It's not so much fun explaining it... T____T lol

This is one of my favorite parts

First time I tried to watch this movie, I was sober... and never made it passed the wedding scene. Second time, I was drunk, and able to get passed the wedding, and to "The Time Warp". Loved that song. Then it got to "Sweet Transvestite", and I was totally disturbed... reminded of some porn I found in my parent's bedroom once when I was a teenager... don't ask whose it was, because I don't know, and I can't ask.

Nice! First time I watched this movie I was in the 5th grade I think.... I'm not sure, if it was the 5th or 6th grade, and I was playing hookie >:) It came on HBO and I was bored so I watched it and died laughing, then it just stuck, and I love it now :)

  Does not think he has ever seen the entire thing through though if he can find his favorite scene............EH no good, I was hoping to find the scene where Riff eliminates Frank.  (A nice and clear scene so I might savor it)


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