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Manson follower Patricia Krenwinkel denied parole



I'm actually surprised she is still trying to get parole, I don't really see this happening. Some one commented on the article that keeping her in jail is a waste of tax payers dollars, however, I don't think it's a waste of taxpayers dollars if a follower of a serial killer is kept off the streets. The murders that she committed in the name of Charles Manson were horrific. I think the bigger waste is her continuous appeal for parole.

Unfortunately our legal system is a little behind the times. Any person given the death penalty is allowed 16 appeals of the sentance. I don't see Patricia ever getting out. The interviews I have seen with her she puts on a good show of remorse but anyone with a little training can clearly see it's a farce. She has become a very angry woman in prison & since most of her life has been spent there & only recently did she even begin to renounce Manson. I can't believe she would be safe on the streets.

P.S.- just a technicality really but Manson is not a really a serial killer, he is more of a mass murderer. Although arguments could be made for both sides.

In my warped twisted mind, I believe they are the same, except one happens all at once, and the other happens slowly over time... That's the only difference, however, to me they are the same...


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