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Mom coaxes son into killing father

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I'm with you on that Ravin. It confusing me how people can do s**t like that and not give a damn, sometimes even take pleasure from it. I mean I don't give a fark that an infant won't stop crying there is no excuse for the way he handled that situation.

That would be the goal. To do so much damage that death is certain but not emediate. But they would just pump him full of painkillers. Im prety sure they gave that guy the death penalty anyway. If ya go to Virginia and kill someone, they Will kill ya back....sometimes. Not nearly often enough if ya ask me.

white fang:
All that is sick for words.What kind of person would let some guy(I don't care if he's her boyfriend or not)beat her child and not do anything about it.I mean the article diden't even say she showed any sadness or quilt.I'm not even going to go there with what I think about the women who shot her son then herself. :x


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